When you are planning to regain your hardwood furniture with paint, the will offer your old pieces a brand-new life. Plus, that can prolong its lifespan because that years. But, you cannot just do this task if over there is a wax residue on it. So, before painting it, you require to get rid of the wax from your old furniture.

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The wax ~ above the surface ar of the timber will border you from doing her DIY projects due to the fact that this will adhere to the hardwood firmly. In fact, it might leave some chipping and abrasion that might hinder the remodeling of her furniture. But, the task below is simple, yet you have to be an extremely careful in executing the entirety process.

If you space planning to take far the wax from your favorite sofa or table, you must follow these three means on how to remove wax from furniture.


When removing the build-up of wax, you need to not rub the surface off. As soon as you try stripping the wood, it will not only eliminate the wax but likewise the natural finish. If it happens to be an antique piece, then you would reduced down that is value. Remember the you perform not just remove the wax there is no thinking things out.

But, you should pay more attention to the details. You need to realize that the build-up of the wax is a sign that your finish needs the appropriate cleaning.

There space three major ways to remove the wax from your residence furniture, relying on the level that the staining. Girlfriend may an initial try the mildest step. But, if you execute not obtain the ideal results, you may want to use some assets to eradicate the wax.


Firstly, you need to buff the surface ar of her furniture using a lint-free cloth. Also, you may opt to usage a 100 percent wool cloth. You may wipe off the dust particles utilizing circular motions while using a light push to the surface.

You have actually to proceed the procedure until the piece becomes dull and also less sticky. If the rag gets stained, you might need to change it v a brand-new one. Take note that your goal below is to remove the wax top top the surface ar of your furniture.

If the wax no come turn off by simply buffing the surface, you may try some products to aid you through the removal. Right here are some:

Also known as TSP, Trisodium phosphate is a brilliant cleaning solution for every skilled painter. It works to get rid of the dust and also oil the stick atop that the wax surface. TSP will take away residual dirt so that you can remove the wax quickly before painting.

If you want to eliminate the wax however consider using the previous shade of your repaint as priming agent, climate you do not must panic. All you need to do is to use repaint thinner come take away the wax in your furniture.

Then, friend can likewise use a furniture stripper in instance you desire to reduced both the pains the wax. Through stripping the item of wood, the new paint will stick properly on the surface.

In crevices and other areas, you might opt for stole wool and elbow grease to remove the wax from her old pieces. Then, you have the right to just refurbish this with brand-new paint.


In situation the wax becomes old and also adheres firmly on her furniture, you need to take far the residual wax. You may buy a product designed to eliminate its particles. There room a many of commodities you may select on the market. Wax removed substances may eliminate the residue the the wax, and also the dirt and also oil. However, you carry out not desire to produce scratches and holes on your furniture’s organic finish. But, you can do that as lengthy as you monitor the accuse strictly.

You have to put just a thin layer of the solution on a soft cloth and also do not use it directly on the surface ar of her old piece. Later on on, all you must do is to buff the surface as you carry out in the an initial step of the clean method. Friend may proceed doing this process until you notification the results. ~ doing so, you deserve to polish the furniture utilizing carnauba wax or beeswax.


Wax removal might be complicated to achieve for some people. Right here are various means to think about in removed the stains from her furniture:

You might attempt to eliminate the wax indigenous your pieces by rubbing the wax using a sharp instrument, including a razor blade and also butter knife. Because that this strategy, you need to be an extremely careful no to cause any type of harm to the furniture. The wax must be dry enough and stable because that you to accomplish this process.

After you have actually scraped as lot wax together you can, you have the right to just iron some impacted areas. But, take note that you do not need to use the iron directly onto the piece of wood. You have actually to readjust it a couple of centimeters away the the wax will melt slowly.

The heat coming indigenous the machine would melt the excess wax. Then, wipe the off utilizing a file towel. To stop the wax from getting on the basic of her iron, friend should gain the device close sufficient to the affected parts, but do not apply it directly.

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You can additionally use a hair dryer come melt the wax away. In this process, you need to pat the soft record napkin to get rid of the wax as lot as possible from the wood.

Always remember that contrary to various other stains, the wax residue settles and also hardens before you recognize it. So, this renders the whole process of removal more complicated. But keep in mind that it is less complicated if you leaving the overabundance solid prior to you attempt to get rid of it. The way, girlfriend will achieve a satisfactory clean result. Great luck through the process!