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Hello all,I"ve obtained a 94 Wagon 1.9L 5SPD, I desire to gain access to the behind of my instrument dashboard (so I have the right to replace suspected scorched out bulbs with LED replacements), yet as many of you know without disconnecting the speedometer cable native the transmission it"s practically impossible to lug the instrument dashboard forward sufficient to gain access to the behind of it. I situated where the speedometer cable meets the transmission and it"s secured in place with a pin. I can"t remove this pin from wherein it keeps the cable in place..I pce the neighboring area with PB blaster let it soak, do the efforts wiggling it this way, the way, it merely won"t come out. I"m really afraid of break it as result of pulling therefore hard...any advice?
Have girlfriend tried removing the cable through the pen still in place. On mine car, if i wiggle the cable if pulling on it, the cable will certainly wiggle its method past the clip. My clip could be a small bent the end of shape making this possible.Edit: I just did some much more research on this and apparently you room not claimed to eliminate the clip, simply pull up on the cable.Also, if you don"t psychic the azer position, it"s technically possible(I"ve done it once, just to verify it have the right to be done) to with up right into the dash from underneath and also and unlock the speedo cable indigenous the back of the cluster. However unless you already know exactly what to look/feel for, this can be more challenging than it"s worth.

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Ok first of every you have the right to do the under the dash.. You must twist your hand previous the black color vent next to the cable under the dash... Then you require to an initial cock the black color tab come one next and 2nd pull the cable the end in the order..Are you deserve to do a little modification to the the dash... I took a pair that pliers and also made an opened to fit mine hand in behind the tool cluster.. What ns did to be take the panels turn off the right means but after the on the appropriate of the dash you have the right to see a few holds.. However they space to small to put your hands in... So just take the pliers and also brake off few of that extra fiber dash in your way and gain your dam hand earlier there and also grab the cable.... It deserve to be done and also after you placed all the trim back on no one deserve to tell what you did...If you walk from the trans next instead, it can be simpler for friend to just unscrew the 10mm screw and also pull the rate O real estate with the cable still inside it.... If your vehicle is rusty I would certainly worry about braking it from that end.. And you could damage the inside cable seal.. If you do that the oil will certainly run up the cable and piss anywhere your left shoes in car.. Thats no fun...