The rearview winter in your car is an important safety feature plenty of of us take for granted. Even if it is it’s the children or traffic, rearview mirrors help us store an eye on what’s going top top behind us.

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Replacement varies depending upon the form of mirror and also how it is attached. In modern cars that use advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in the mirror, replacement have to be left come a professional. These solution are very delicate and if the mirror is replaced, calibration is necessary. If your vehicle doesn’t have any type of of this systems, keep reading to learn how to replace your rearview winter glass native Glass Doctor.

Replacing a Rearview Mirror

You can uncover a generic replacement winter at your neighborhood auto parts store. If you’re there, acquisition a rearview winter replacement kit – which usually has the adhesive, cleaning supplies and also hardware.

Source a instead of MirrorUsually, you can not replace simply the mirror glass; you need to replace the whole unit. If her mirror offers auto-dimming glass or electrochromatic technology, look for a OEM replacement winter from your local car dealer. If your automobile doesn’t usage this technology, most generic rearview mirrors are compatible with different makes and models.Remove Old MirrorApply a little piece of masking ice on the exterior the the glass to mark the original mounting location.Unplug the wiring harness if the mirror offers one for an electronic compass or dimming feature.Remove the winter from the glass-mounted hardware – look because that a screw to remove or a clip to on slide it off.Use a heat gun or punch dryer come soften the adhesive that holds the mounting hardware to the glass.Apply heat to the exterior the the windshield whereby the winter hardware is placed and tenderness wiggle the mountain free. It’s ideal to have actually a helper warmth the glass when you remove the hardware within the vehicle. Note: too much heat will rest the windshield, so exercise caution.You may need to usage a thin piece of piano cable or fishing line to rest the bond in between the glass and also the mirror mount. Occupational the wire/line in between the glass and the mirror mount utilizing a flossing activity to break it free. Only use force parallel come the glass, don’t try and tear the hardware turn off or that might carry a piece of glass v it.Prep SurfaceRemove old adhesive with a razor blade and also glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol; be mindful not to scratch the glass. Wipe the surface ar clean v a rag and glass cleaner and enable it to dry before proceeding. If her windshield instead of kit come with any type of cleaning or prepare wipes, usage them now.Install the MirrorNot every kits are the same; monitor the manufactures accuse closely.If the kit came with an activator, apply it come the windshield and the mounting hardware. Enable the activator come dry for a few minutes if needed.Apply the glue to the winter mounting hardware, no the windshield itself. Use the ice you put on the exterior the the windshield to discover the initial mounting location and also install the winter mount. Refer to the manufactures instructions because that glue cure times.Once the adhesive is fully cured, install your brand-new rearview mirror

More Than simply Windows

Glass medical professional can assist you replace your rearview mirror and a lot more! Our experts are trained in everything from windshield replacements to insulated glass instead of in your home. Help is simply a phone call or a click away: Dial 833-974-0209 or schedule an meeting online and also get assist today.

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