Think the fabric’s ruined when it gets stained by a broken highlighter? Think again. Try this stain removal technique to remove a highlighter stain.

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We newly had company who flew below from one more state. In flight, the air press somehow damaged a highlighter that one of our guest packed along for the trip leading to it to explode in several big hot pink clues on the bed sheets in our guest room. Ours guest feeling terrible, however I assured her the I’d look online to find a stain removal equipment for the spots.

Most that the resources I uncovered for stain removal suggested using rubbing alcohol to eliminate the stain. Ns was worried that dealing with the stain v rubbing alcohol might reason the highlighter come spread, bleach or discolor the towel or burn a hole in the sheets. Ns figured through the pink highlighter stain lock were already ruined for this reason what walk I need to lose? Here’s the stain removal method I supplied to eliminate the highlighter in my noodle sheets.

How to get Highlighter the end of Fabric

What you need:

Safety pinsPaper towelsRubbing alcohol

Instructions because that Highlighter Stain Removal:

1. Note the stains.

Before I started this stain removal technique, I significant the ar of the stains with security pins therefore that i would recognize where to look once the sheets came out the the dryer to view if the stains to be gone.

2. Act the stains with rubbing alcohol.

I wadded or urgently a few record towels and also held castle under the stain to protect against the highlighter from dispersing to various other parts that the towel when ns treated the stain. I then poured a tiny amount that rubbing alcohol onto another document towel and used it to dab the stain. For bigger or much more saturated stains, i poured the rubbing alcohol straight on the stain and also then continued to rub it with file towel. The stain seemed to almost transfer native the sheets top top the file towel that i was holding beneath the fabric.

3. Launder the sheets.

I then ran the sheets through my washer top top the usual permanent press cycle.

4. Examine the stains and retreat, if necessary.

When I gotten rid of the sheets native the washer I searched for the safety and security pins noting the place of the stains and found that most of the stains had actually disappeared. A couple of of the an ext saturated stains had actually faded come a irradiate pink, so ns retreated them using the same procedure as before and also rewashed the sheets another time. As soon as I removed the sheets from the washer the second time, I can no longer see any kind of signs that pink highlighter stains ~ above the sheets.

5. Dry the sheets.

As with any stain, it’s necessary to wait till the entire stain is gone before drying. Otherwise friend risk setup the stain and also make it difficult to eliminate later. When I gotten rid of the sheets indigenous the dryer, I confirm the stain areas once more and eliminated the safety pins.

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In the end, the sheets look as great as brand-new and my guest to be thrilled as soon as I e-mailed her to let her know I to be able to obtain the highlighter gotten rid of from the sheets. I additionally should note, mine bedsheets to be cream colored and a 50/50 mix of cotton and also polyester. I have actually not do the efforts this technique to remove highlighter from other towel colors or types, so usage this technique at your own risk, but do let me recognize if it’s effective for you!

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