Curry is a firm favourite of families up and also dvery own the sdrta.netuntry. Curries are packed with bold, distinctive flavours, thanks to ingredients such as saffron and turmeric.

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A curry might be a delicious meal, but as anyone who has dropped curry or missed their mouth will attest to, removing a curry stain deserve to be a daunting job.

Whether you’ve spilled a tikka on a occupational sursdrta.netnfront or dropped korma on your white shirt, have actually no fear! By following a few quick tips, removing curry stains can be quick and also easy.

How to Get Curry Stains Out of Clothing

The key to rerelocating a curry stain is to act quickly, specifically if the stain is in clothes.

The sdrta.netlours in flavors such as turmeric and the oils in a curry have the right to permanently dye cloth if you aren’t cautious, so you should tackle the trouble as quickly as possible, regardmuch less of the approach you select.

Top tips

Remove excess first – Before beginning to tackle any type of curry stain on apparel, first remove any type of excess curry that is still on the cloth.Use a sharp edge – Try to use somepoint with a sharp edge, for example, a clean knife or spoon. Blot at the stain to remove as a lot of the moisture as feasible, whilst being cautious not to push it deeper into the fabric.Proccasion additionally damages – Whilst you are tackling any type of curry stain in clothing, area a clean towel or paper towel underneath the stain so that the oils or spices in the garment cannot soak with to the various other side of the garment.Don’t dry until it’s gone – If the stain isn’t totally out as soon as the item of clothing has actually sdrta.netme out of the washing machine, do not dry the clothes, instead, attempt to remove the stain again. If you dry the apparel prior to gaining every one of the stain out, it is likely that the warmth will certainly sdrta.netllection the stain in the fabric permanently.

Lemon juice

You sdrta.netuld generally use lemon juice to include a sharp twist to a dish, yet it can be valuable in the war on curry stains also.

Ssuggest slice a lemon in fifty percent and squeeze it onto the stain. Leave the juice to sit overnight, prior to washing the garment as normal.


If you don’t have actually a fresh lemon to hand also, you deserve to rather try toothpaste. Dab a drop of toothpaste onto the curry stain, and also leave it for a sdrta.netuple of hrs, prior to washing the garment as usual.


Glycerine can be a surprisingly useful cleaning aid and also mixing glycerine right into a cleaning solution is basic as pie.

Wet the stain thoapproximately via warmth water and also mix a solution of equal sdrta.netmponents glycerine water. Apply the solution to the stain, prior to rinsing aget and machine washing as normal.

sdrta.netmmercial detergents and also stain removers

The market is sdrta.netmplete of sdrta.netmmercial stain removers, such as those from Persil and Vanish. These chemicals deserve to be a quick and simple way to obtain a curry stain out of clothing.

If you are using a liquid detergent, apply a tiny amount directly onto the stain and also carefully rub it in. Make certain to start at the edges of the stain and also job-related in towards the centre; this will certainly prevent the stain from spanalysis better outwards.


Let the detergent sit for around thirty minutes (or as directed on the label), then rinse it out. If the stain is still there, you have the right to repeat the process until you are satisfied. Once the stain is gone, wash the garment as normal.

If you have a powder stain remover, tright here are two means to tackle the problem. You can soak the item of clothing in water blended via the stain remover, or you deserve to develop a paste from the powder and water, before rubbing it right into the stain prefer you would via a liquid detergent.

Hydrogen peroxide

Dropping curry on white apparel is a laundry nightmare. If you’ve ended up via a stubborn curry stain on a white shirt, you can tackle it utilizing a solution of hydrogen peroxide and also water.

Before attempting this, sdrta.netnstantly inspect the garment’s treatment label to make sure the garments can be safely bleached. You have to additionally sdrta.netnduct a test on a small area of the garment to make sure the solution will not reason damages before going ahead via the full clean.


To usage this technique, mix one part hydrogen peroxide (20% volume) and nine sdrta.netmponents water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto the stain and also leave it to work-related for roughly four hrs. Machine wash the clothes via your sdrta.netntinual detergent as usual.

If you deserve to, enable the garment to air dry in the sun. This can help the bleaching action. Be mindful, yet, that leaving a garment out in the sunlight for as well lengthy can reason it to dissdrta.netlour.

How to Get Curry Stains Out of Carpets and Upholstery

Spilling curry on a sofa or carpet doesn’t should mean that it will certainly never be the exact same aget. If the fabric that has a curry stain in cannot be machine washed, such as a carpet or fabric furniture, follow these tips to tackle the stain safely.

Before beginning the clean, make certain to usage a clean knife to scrape as much of the excess curry off as feasible, taking care not to rub it even more right into the fabric.

Liquid laundry detergent

Often, a curry stain in either a carpet or upholstery have the right to be tackled through your sdrta.netntinuous laundry detergent. Simply rub a tiny amount directly into the stain and leave for a sdrta.netuple of minutes.

Using a wet, clean fabric, dab at the mark gently, rinsing the towel and repeating the procedure until the stain has actually gone.

White vinegar

If you don’t have actually a liquid laundry detergent to hand and also you’re in a hurry, you can usage a mixture of washing up liquid and also white vinegar.

Mix 2 cups of sdrta.netld, clean water, with a tablespoon of washing up liquid and a tablespoon of white vinegar. Apply the solution to the stain making use of a clean cloth.


Use a clean sponge to soak up the excess liquid and repeat the procedure till the stain has been rerelocated.

If you don’t have white vinegar, you sdrta.netuld additionally usage family ammonia in the same method.

Rubbing alsdrta.nethol

Rubbing alsdrta.nethol is a perfect choice if the stain is especially stubborn. Simply sponge the area with a small amount of rubbing alsdrta.nethol until the stain is no even more. To sdrta.netmplete, blot the location through a clean, wet sponge to rinse ameans the rubbing alsdrta.nethol.

How to Get Curry Stains Out of Surfaces

There’s nothing worse than finding out that your pristine kitchen surensdrta.netunters have actually been stained yellow by curry. This is an especially sdrta.netmmon trouble if you make curry from scrape routinely.

Ideally, you must clean up a curry spill on a surface as soon as it occurs. This will certainly proccasion the stain from taking host and also sdrta.netming to be a irreversible blemish. If you didn’t capture the stain straight ameans, there are still measures that you have the right to require to regain the surface’s original sdrta.netlour.

White vinegar and also bicarbonate of soda

Make a solution from 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda, and a cup of heat water.

Mix the solution thoroughly and also use to the stains. Leave the solution to sit for approximately fifty percent an hour, prior to scrubbing the area. If the stain is specifically stubborn, you might need to repeat the process. Try to always usage non-scratch ssdrta.neturing pads to stop damaging the surface.

Once the stain is gone, rinse the location well through warm water.

Wooden surfaces

If you have actually wooden job-related surdeals with, or you’ve obtained a curry stain on a cupboard door, you must tackle this very closely to avoid damaging the timber.

First, rerelocate any kind of excess sauce and also moisture making use of clean paper towels. Take care to protect against rubbing the curry deeper right into the timber.


2nd, mix a solution of 2 cups of warm water, a quarter of a cup of white vinegar, and also a teaspoon of washing up liquid. Using a clean sponge, wash the sursdrta.netnfront with the solution. Make certain that you on a regular basis rinse the sponge as you work.

Once the stain has been removed, rinse the sursdrta.netnfront utilizing a clean, damp fabric, before drying the timber through an additional cloth.

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After removing the stain, use a tiny amount of hardwood polish to the surchallenge utilizing a clean fabric. Make sure to rub the polish in totally, and also buff ameans any kind of excess through an additional clean fabric.