Football Visor Installation

Although optional, football visors offer great benefits come the players that wear them. Sometimes dubbed a shield, helmet visors space see with lenses made of shatter and also scratch proof polycarbonate products that protect your eye from glare, impact from exterior elements as well as hide her potential next moves from your opponents.

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Available in a range of colored tints, soccer helmet visors have actually the capacity to add personal style to her on-field kit and readjust the way you see the game. However, before ordering her visor, we recommend friend ask your coach or organization official to make certain its usage is allowed in her football league.

At Nxtrnd, we architecture high performing protection equipment for the modern-day athlete. Monitor our simple installation accuse below and make sure you"re prepared for the gridiron.


What devices Are needed To download The Helmet Visor

Helmet and also the facemaskVisor with all its attachments (Included in Nxtrnd VZR1 packages)Phillips-head screwdriver

How To install A football Helmet Visor

For the finish Instructions overview of our VZR1 Visors, please Click Here.

1) stick the decals on the visor

Before installing the visor top top the facemask, we recommend difficult the decals on the visor. Sticking the decals on the visor prior to installation is easier and also will allow you to position them in your area of choice.

2) assemble the hardware (Not vital on certain models)

Find your hardware bag and also push the T-Nuts right into their particular plastic T-Nut sleeve. Some visors come with quick and also easy toolless surroundings clips such together the VZR1 Visors.

3) remove the facemask native the helmet

Using a Philips-head screwdriver, remove the helmets facemask through un-screwing all screws it is registered the facemask to the helmet.

4) location the visor ~ above the facemask

Place the visor on the inner side that the facemask by making certain it is centered and placed in prior of your field of vision.

5) ar visor clips top top the facemask

Align the visor clips through their designed holes in the visor. Native the peak down, press the visor clips end the facemask bar that is closest come the feet in the visor.

6) Screw the visor tabs right into the visor

Pinch the visor clips and also the visor together using her fingers. Once the holes room aligned, place the T-Nuts on in the inside surface ar of the visor clips (towards your face) and also tighten the screws from the exterior in, thus bringing both side of the visor clip together and also squeezing the visor in place. IMPORTANT: Stop once tight. Perform not overtighten.

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Finally, make certain your visor sits comfortably underneath her facemask and also doesn"t interfere negatively v your vision. Come learn an ext and to find what visor is ideal for you, you re welcome click here.