Whether you should refill the washer fluid or examine on the state of her motor oil, there room a few reasons why you might want to open the hood of your MINI Cooper. Need assistance? Keep analysis through this overview from MINI of Annapolis.

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In it, we’ll carry out ways to open a MINI Cooper hood. Plus, we’ll sell solutions come scenarios wherein you may have a broken cable or dead battery and also can’t acquire the hood open.

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How to open the Hood of her MINI Cooper

One the the easiest methods to open up your MINI Cooper hood is from the inside of the vehicle.

Down ~ above the driver’s side, come the left of the pedals, there should be a lever. Pull it up once to unlock the hood, climate again to open up it.

Once friend step external the car, friend may an alert the hood is simply slightly open. Often, a safety latch will prevent the hood from paris up. In that case, stick her hand under the hood to feel for the latch. Push onto it, and also the hood will come up every the way.

When you’re done inspecting everything, press down forcefully from around 20 inch to fully close the vehicle’s hood. If the hood isn’t totally closed, you’ll see a examine Control message shown when the vehicle is on. After you gain that hood close up door tight, the message need to go away.

What If You have actually a loose or broken Cable?

If you’re having trouble opening the hood of her MINI model, it might be as result of a loosened or damaged cable. Therefore, you’ll want to examine under the hood for any type of slackness or disconnection.

When you pull on the latch, usage a flashlight to discover two cables behind it. Then, usage your finger or a hooked pick to pull on said cables. If they’re simple to pull on, they’re loose and will need to be fixed ideal away. If they’re taut, there might be another issue v the cables.

Either way, you’ll want to have actually a business technician study the cables. Lock may have the ability to clean and re-grease them to acquire hood opening up again. However, if one or much more of the cables are broken, the technology will must replace them.

What If Your car Battery Is Dead?

As we discussed before, you have the right to simply reach into the MINI Cooper and also pull the lever to open up the hood. However, you may run into a scenario where the doors room locked, and also the battery is dead—preventing you from acquiring inside the automobile. What perform you, in this case?

You might use the crucial to manually open up the car and get to the lever. However, some models are designed wherein you can’t open up the doors if the automobile battery is dead.

For those cars, here’s what you might do…

Press down on the hood: If you press down ~ above the hood hard, the should have the ability to pop increase slightly, where you have the right to pull top top the latch and also get the hood up.

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Get come the latch through the grille: through the help of a flashlight, you might be able to find the latch v the car’s grille. Then, use a screwdriver, wire, or various other thin device to traction on the latch and open the hood.Go under the hood: If you’re unable to technique the latch native the front, you could always try going underneath the hood for access. Grab pliers and also tug top top the cables to see if that opens up the latch. Don’t attempt this, though, if the auto was newly on. The engine would still be also hot, which would certainly be dangerous for you.