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I necessary someone to produce this thread prior to I bought my Cruze. I check out some articles around the car, checked out a few dealerships after hours to view a Cruze "in the flesh" without being "helped", and also then i test drove one to see exactly how it drove, and sounded, and felt. Then i made the decision to buy a Cruze, and also I chose which model and also color i wanted. Fortunately the exact vehicle I wanted was sitting on mine nearest dealer"s lot! I verified up and also told the salesman ns was interested in purchase THIS car. We discussed the price, he offered me the keys and also left me alone to explore the car. I want to sit in every the seats, look at the trunk and the engine compartment, and also see just how things opened, rotate on, adjusted, etc. I established just around everything on mine own other than how to open up the fuel door! i couldn"t watch anything ~ above the door which indicated just how it opened from the outside, so i searched the passenger compartment because that a release lever or button. I have actually a similar looking fuel door on my 1988 Fiero GT, and also it has actually a relax lever. I did try pushing on the door, yet I didn"t use enough pressure to open it. I didn"t want to perform the dorn thing and also break something (especially due to the fact that this was going to be MY car!). So when the dealer inquiry if ns had any kind of questions, i did have one for him.
How to get to the gas cap....Go to the round door located on the passenger next rear quarter panel.Imagine the door has a clock confront on it, and also put your finger wherein the "9" would certainly be. Use a clean finger or thumb, not a rock, or automobile keys, or anything v an abrasive surface, or girlfriend will scratch the complete on the fuel door.Push down on the "9". No "down" towards the ground. Push on it together if your intention to be to stick your finger with the side of the car. As though you want to touch the driver"s side behind tire.Continue to press with a certain pressure. Friend will must apply much more pressure than you require in bespeak to type text message on her mobile device, however less push than is forced to carry out a pushup. Try to execute a pushup so girlfriend will be able to compare.If you perform this properly, the fuel door will provide way, moving inward, and then stop. When it stops moving, relax the push you are using (pull her finger ago toward your body).The door will open, revealing a mystery compartment containing a fuel (gas) cap. Mission accomplished!I am exhausted, yet I am glad to have contributed. I will certainly leave it come someone else to produce related "how to" object (like "how to eliminate the gas cap", "how to placed fuel right into the car", and also "how come close the fuel door").:th_coolio:And in all seriousness, allow me say that ns love this forum.

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It has actually saved me time, money, and frustration. Ns appreciate every one of the sharing of information, and also I hope that you"ll take it this article in the heart it is created - through love and the thank you hope the it will certainly make girlfriend smile.