The bouncing you obtain from a trampoline can provide you a emotion of being weightless or being able come fly.

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So, how deserve to you acquire yourself even higher in the air?

There space a couple of ways you deserve to make her trampoline bouncier. This tips encompass performing consistent maintenance, replacing old springs, adding much more springs, cross springs, and adding heavy-duty springs.

Read ~ above to discover some things you need to consider before you make her trampoline bouncier.

What come consider prior to making your trampoline bouncier

Being able to bounce on a trampoline really is a lot of fun.

Looking down onto the people and grass below, it deserve to be so lot fun increase in the sky.

The exhilaration of act a backflip and also sticking the landing is a feeling you can hardly get everywhere else.

It deserve to be even an ext tempting to make her trampoline bouncier so friend can gain yourself greater into the air.

But before you perform this, there room a couple of things you have to consider

Do you have a security net?

More bounce way more possibility of losing manage of wherein you are landing.

This also method that you might find yourself off the trampoline and on the ground.

So a safety net becomes the much much more important for her trampoline.

You need to want yourself and also others come be safe on the trampoline, particularly if you room going to make your trampoline bouncier.

If you have actually a safety net, inspect it and also make certain it is tight and also the bolts and also screws room in their place.

If you perform not have actually a security net, go and get one.

It is far better safe than sorry once dealing with human being jumping top top a trampoline.

If you are not safe and also someone it s okay hurt jumping on her bouncier trampoline, you could be ~ above the hook for your hospital bill.

So acquire a safety net.

Do you have a feather cover?

Just choose with the safety and security net, a spring cover is required if you room going to try to make her trampoline bouncier.

The feather cover helps to keep the springs safe in the case that who accidentally soil on them.

If someone landed on uncovered springs, either the springs space going to break or the human landing ~ above the springs will gain severely hurt.

So if you space going come make her trampoline bouncier, make sure you have a feather cover so someone does not acquire hurt and the trampoline stays in one piece.

Why carry out trampolines lose their bounce?

In short, there space a few things the make a trampoline shed their bounce.

Rusty springs

Over time, if her springs are left out in the open and not treated for security from wind and rain, they will eventually start to rust.

And rust is not good for your springs because they can not expand and also retract together well.

They can also get come the point where the whole spring will be stuck together.


Lost elasticity

If friend have ever seen a slinky the no longer works due to the fact that it is stretched out also much, you know what shed elasticity watch like.

Springs deserve to have the same trouble as overused slinkies, where they will shed their elasticity.

These should be pretty basic to recognize on your trampoline if you store your eyes out for them.

And if a spring loses that is elasticity, the trampoline will lose its as whole bounce.

This can be true for just one spring in your whole trampoline, therefore make certain to store an eye out for springs that have actually lost their elasticity.

Broken springs

Broken springs need to be pretty easy to identify also if friend are maintaining your eye out for them.

Springs can get cracks and also fall apart.

If you uncover a damaged spring, change it immediately.

How to make her trampoline bouncier

There are just a few simple procedures that you have to follow to make her trampoline bouncier.

Regular trampoline maintenance

It might sound as well easy, however performing consistent maintenance on your trampoline is one of the finest steps you can take come ensure your trampoline is bouncy.

A couple of loose screws on the trampoline will displace the foot or structure of the trampolining, resulting in it come not save up the kinetic energy as that should.

So frequently checking the trampoline to make sure the screws room tightened have the right to do a lot in the direction of making certain the trampoline it s okay the ideal bounce the can.

Replacing old springs

As questioned previously, old and rusty springs substantially diminish the bounce of her trampoline.

While you are walking roughly the trampoline tightening the screws, likewise take a look at any kind of old springs.

Replace the ones that have rust on them.

You will be able to recognize the rusty springs since they will have a red tint to them.

Also change the worn out springs.

You will have the ability to recognize the worn-out springs since they will certainly look like a broken slinky.

Crossing springs

Putting her springs in different configurations is a way of getting more bounce to her trampoline.

Before you consider this option, store in mind the crossing springs will certainly actually cause the springs come wear out an ext quickly, so friend will uncover you room replacing those springs much more often.

Some choices for crossing her springs include.

Criss overcome pattern (X)

The criss-cross pattern is basic in the idea that instead of putting the feather in the feet directly throughout from the trampoline, you placed it in the feet perpendicular come the trampoline.

Do the very same for the spring next to the very first spring, however instead, the 2nd spring crosses over the an initial one, producing an X pattern.

With this method, you will certainly not have to purchase any additional springs.


This option likewise does not require purchasing any kind of further springs.

To produce the V-pattern, put two springs in one loop that the trampoline mat and also then ar the springs in opposite holes in the trampoline frame.

The hole in the trampoline frame directly across from the loop go not acquire a spring.

Also, you will only put a spring in every various other loop top top the trampoline mat.

Adding more springs


Some trampolines permit you come add an ext springs to it.

So if friend want much more springs than a regular trampoline, look for one that allows much more springs.

You can additionally purchase a PowerBounce Trampoline Kit here.

You can likewise put an ext than one on each hole, yet this is rather hard to do and can be tedious.

Plus, carry out not intend your springs come last lengthy this way.

Adding hefty duty springs

You can also purchase springs that are stronger than the springs that normally come through your trampoline.

This would incorporate springs do of galvanized steel.

The galvanized steel means that they room stronger and also last much longer through the wind and rain.

You will not have to worry around galvanized steel, heavy-duty springs execute not obtain rusted.

They still could wear out, but since they are heavy-duty, it will certainly take longer time to wear out 보다 normal.


Just like any other thing that friend buy, at some point trampolines wear out.

Regularly keep your trampoline by check the screws and also replacing any old and rusty springs.

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To get more bounce, take into consideration adding much more springs, criss-cross her springs, or acquisition a spring kit that permits you to put more springs on your trampoline.