There will come a time in Minecraft whereby you will uncover yourself unsatisfied v your current state the affairs. Occasionally you’ll wish that your setting was livened up a bit, v a bit an ext diverse weather past witnessing the sun and moon climb respectively. Maybe you room looking to check out a little of snow, but no matter just how long girlfriend wait, it simply will not come down prefer you space hoping and also expecting that to. In this article, we shall talk about the simple technique of illustration out snow for your an individual pleasure.

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How to do it snow in Minecraft

In a Nutshell:

To make it eye in Minecraft, you should note the it cannot simply snow anywhere and also therefore relocate to any kind of snow or ice cream biome. When you room in a eye biome all that is left is putting in the command. A console command is indeed the only method to manually activate snowy weather into your game besides just waiting because that it to come naturally.

The Requirements

Before girlfriend can even think of make it eye in your area, you have to keep in mind the it cannot just snow anywhere. You will need to very first be in the correct biology order to achieve this. Any type of ice or snow biome will do, anything else will cause it to just rain rather of snow.

The Method

Once you room in a snow biome all the is left is placing in the command. A console command is without doubt the only way to manually activate snowy weather into your game besides just waiting because that it to come naturally, or quite hoping that will. The console command to perform so is as follows:

Command: /weather rain


Provided you room in your eye biome, snow should practically immediately start to loss down from the sky, filling your display with irradiate white flaky particles that will dance autumn on your screen. 


It is a beautiful site for sure, yet perhaps you space having second thoughts. Maybe after every a while you at some point get sick and also tired of evil the vision of snow filling your screen which only reasons irritation come your feeling of vision. To deal with this problem you deserve to revert the weather ago to its initial state by entering an additional command that have the right to be viewed below:

Command: /weather clear


With this command, you will not just make it avoid snowing however remove any form of weather that covers or changes the skies from its default setting.

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This have the right to include continuous rain or even thunderstorms. One of two people way, this will allow you to manage the weather in ~ your game at your fingertips and also can even be useful if you space playing survival. Say for instance you make it snow, yet in turn, allow mobs to attack you outside due to the fact that the sunlight is blocked. If you form in the clean weather command that protection that they had actually come external is all of sudden removed, you and you might find yourself safe when again. 


Making it snow whenever you please is a major perk to have actually within the game. Just how you usage such a feature and also why you usage it is up to you, but either way, the is certainly something come take advantage of when you deem the is the correct time and opportunity to execute so.


 With that in mind, take note that you can adjust the weather because that other types of rainfall too once friend dive right into the various climates the you can have in her game. Just kind in her weather command and the options should appear before you.