How come Magnetize and also De-Magnetize a common Screwdriver

Sometimes, having a magnetic driver is very helpful: as soon as driving a screw into wood, for example. Other times, though, such as once working in a metal cabinet, it deserve to make a task more difficult.

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The an excellent news is the you can magnetize and demagnetize virtually any screwdriver by using a family members magnet.

To magnetize a screwdriver, location the magnet on the base of the shaft and also pull the screwdriver along the magnet until it slides far from the tip.

Now, ferrous (iron-based) metal screws deserve to be choose up v ease.

To demagnetize, just reverse the process. Place the pointer of the driver on the sheet of the magnet and push the forward.

General Tool also makes a little device to execute the exact same thing. One side of the device magnetizes a screwdriver, and also the other removes the magnetic charge.

Magnetic tools can be a really easy and attractive option!


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