Comparing fractions method determining the larger and the smaller portion among 2 parts. In ours day-to-day life, we regularly get grounding with situations where we need to compare two or an ext fractions. Did you understand that you address a fraction every time you part an apple right into two parts? We regularly use fractions without realizing it. Let united state learn about fractions and also their compare today!


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How to to compare Fractions?
2.Comparing fountain with same Denominators
3.Comparing Fractions with Unlike Denominators
4. Decimal technique of to compare Fractions
5.Comparing Fractions utilizing Visualization
6.Comparing Fractions making use of Cross Multiplication
7.FAQs on comparing Fractions

What is a Fraction?

Before trying out the concept of compare fractions, let united state recall fractions. A portion is nothing however a part of a entirety thing. If you break a glass dish right into several pieces, deserve to you tho say the each part represents a fraction? Yes, sensibly each part can quiet be called a fraction of the glass dish, but in math, a portion comes through a rule. The rule is "each that the parts needs to be equal." A portion has two parts; lock are referred to as numerator and also denominator.

Now, let's discuss what comparing fountain mean. As soon as the two fractions are contrasted to uncover out i m sorry is better or i beg your pardon is smaller. The real-time examples of compare fractions include a variety of activities, separating a bill, following a recipe, check discounted prices while shopping, to compare sales the a details product, medical prescriptions by the doctor, scores that tests and exams, etc. Let us go v the different methods of compare fractions through the aid of examples to know the principle better.

In this method, we examine the denominators to watch if they are the same. If the denominators room the same, climate the portion with the bigger numerator is the bigger portion and the fraction with the smaller numerator is the smaller fraction. If both numerators and also denominators are equal, the fountain are likewise equal. Because that example, let us compare 6/17 and 16/17

Step 1: Look because that denominators the the given fractions:6/17 and also 16/17. Denominators room the same.Step 2: Compare numerators. 16>6.Step 3: The portion with a bigger numerator would be a larger fraction. Therefore, 6/17

For to compare fractions with unlike denominators, start by detect the least common denominator(LCM) to make the platform the same. When the denominators room made the same, the portion with the bigger numerator is the bigger fraction. For example 1/2 and 2/5.

Step 1: Look because that denominators of the provided fractions: 1/2 and 2/5. Denominators are not the same.Step 3: 1/2 = 1/2 × 5/5 and 2/5 = 2/5 × 2/2.Step 4: compare fractions: 5/10 and 4/10. Denominators room the same. To compare numerators, 5>4.Step 5: 5/10 > 4/10. The portion with a larger numerator would be a larger fraction. Thus, 5/10 > 4/10. Therefore, 1/2 > 2/5

Also, if the denominators space different and also the numerators are the same, then us can conveniently compare fountain by feather at your denominators. The fraction with a smaller denominator has actually a greater value and also the portion with a larger denominator has actually a smaller sized value. For example, 2/3 > 2/6.

In this method, we compare the decimal values of fractions. Because that this, the numerator is split by the denominator and the portion is converted right into a decimal. Then, the decimal values space compared. Because that example, 4/5 and also 6/8.

Step 1: create 4/5 and also 6/8 in decimals. 4/5 = 0.8 and 6/8 = 0.75.Step 2: Compare decimal values. 0.8 > 0.75Step 3: The fraction with a bigger decimal worth would it is in a bigger fraction. Therefore, 4/5 > 6/8

We have the right to use miscellaneous graphical methods and also models come visualize larger fractions. Model A and also B represent the provided respective fractions. 4/8 overcome multiply the molecule of one fraction with the denominator that the various other fraction. The same has actually been indicated by the arrows in the number below. In the example given below, as soon as we cross multiply, we obtain 4 and 6. 4 and 6 space the numerators we would get if we expressed 1/2 and 3/4 through the typical denominator 8. The brand-new fractions through the same denominators will be 4/8 and also 6/8. Due to the fact that 6 is a higher numerator, 4/8 Decimal methodCross-multiplication methodGraphical/Visual methodLCM method to do the platform the same

Comparing Fractions associated Topics

Example 2: Ryan to be asked come prove the the given fractions: 4/6 and also 6/9 space the exact same using the LCM method. That is a little confused. Can you assist him?


In this method, we discover lcm the the denominators of the provided fractions, make the denominator the same. By law so, we get 18 for both. 12 will be the molecule if us expressed 4/6 and 6/9 v the typical denominator 18 (LCM that both the denominators). The brand-new fractions with the same denominators will be 12/18 and also 12/18. Hence, both the fractions room equal: 4/6 = 6/9. Therefore, 4/6 = 6/9.

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