Some file situations will call for you to indent the second line in a document. Usage these steps to indent the second line in Google Docs.

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Open the record in Google Docs.Click the View tab at the optimal of the window.Select the Show Ruler alternative if it’s not currently selected.Select the message to indent.Drag the left indent triangle top top the leader to the desired location.Drag the first line indent marker ago to the left margin.

Our write-up continues listed below with additional information and pictures because that these steps.

Occasionally as soon as you room working with a file you will encounter one unusual situation where you should make formatting transforms that are challenging to do.

One such case can arise as soon as you are developing a bibliography or functions cited page and also you have to indent the second line rather than the first.

This is frequently referred to as a hanging indent, yet there isn’t a setting on any of the menus in Google Docs that allows you use that formatting.

However, there are a pair of controls ~ above the leader that allow you to achieve what you space trying to do. Ours guide listed below will display you just how to indent the 2nd line in Google Docs.

How come Indent the second Line on Google Docs

These procedures were performed in the desktop version of the Google Chrome Web web browser but will occupational in other desktop computer browsers together well.

Step 1: Sign right into Google Drive and open her document.

Step 2: Click the View tab at the height of the window.


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