How to rise the transformer currents? If your load is no a full running. The most cause comes native a lower current of the transformer. But changing them is difficult and expensive.

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It is a pity if you should buy a new transformer. So, let’s watch at exactly how to change it to increase the existing up.

These ways may aid you!

Since the most transformers always are the facility tap form for a dual power supply. Such together the transformer in Figure

The 9V-0V-9V,1A second transformer, center Tap

The 230V/110V AC major to 9V-0-9V,1A second transformer. It contains 9V,1A x 2 secondary coil that connects in series.

In normal, we deserve to easily apply it together 18V,1A output without using the CT terminal.

Also, we have the right to use it together 9V 2A by exactly how to take both coils to connects in parallel.

See figure 2. Yet it must be associated to a equivalent phase that a signal. (It’s prefer connecting battery in parallel)

Thus, we must separate both the wires apart. Then, attach them as figure just only. We will have the 9V,2A transformer by without the center tap terminal.

How to modify the transformer come a higher output current

REMEMBER: carry out not attach the coils dorn polarity. Because they are prefer a brief circuit!

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Why short circuit The battery has polarity. Also, the coil of the transformer has actually polarity or direction of current flowing. Look in ~ below!

Transformer polarity looks choose batteries

Imagine 2 1.5V battery are linked together in parallel for twin the current. Look in ~ the number below.

Compare right and wrong connecting batteries

If a poor connecting, the is wrong. The voltage is zero and also short circuit (Right). The batteries can be damaged.

We need a good connecting. It will certainly still calculation is 1.5V however high current around 2 times.

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Check the exactly transformer connecting

If we are afraid that a dorn connection. The is simple to check. As Figure below. First, affix a cable to 2 terminals. Then, measure up AC voltage at an additional 2 terminal. If that is high voltage, the is not correct (left).

Next, rotate the wire to another 2 terminal. Then check it again. It should be zero volts. That is a correct connecting.

How to check transformer polarity

Are friend clear?

But in exercise really we will watch that the output present isn’t 2 times. So use following ways.

Increase existing using Rectifier

This method have a distinction as information below.

Suppose, we usage 1A transformer in general circuit will certainly be the full wave rectifier that has actually the facility trap as Figure.


Full wave rectifier using center tap transformer

This provides the output current is diminished to 0.8A. Which that is not complete of 1A.

Then us take the complete 2A transformer above, use in the circuit as number 4 through the bridge complete wave rectifier.

The bridge complete wave rectifier ~ above the transformer is modified

But we see that maximum current higher than 1.3 time only.

In practice may be a problem. Since of phase and voltage is not the same.

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Which we can improve through separating every rectifier diodes out. Then, affix them in parallel together. As figure below.

Separate every rectifier diodes into parallel

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