jump and then land also on your knee or pivot and also then autumn overwhile still twisting. you could bfinish your leg plant your footfirmly on the round the hit your knee from the front or the sidethrough something difficult. you could just execute something minor wbelow itharms slightly like strain it and then pretfinish you cant walk on itand also you will certainly gain crutches. if you execute gain a sprain you will desire totreat it via r.i.c.e rest, ice, compression and elevation. youcould break it by hitting it via a sledge hammer .

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you can fakeit by

1.you go to a room in the home where tright here is no one there(make sure someone is on the residence wbelow they have the right to right here what youdo)

2. hit the wall and then lie on the ground and also call someonein

3.tell them you fell over and that you have hurt your knee sobad that you require crutches because you cant walk

i hope i aided Jess

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