Former writer Eric Qualls has actually been spanning the Xbox heat of consoles and also Xbox games because August 2004.

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strength up the Xbox 360 and Test Your connections

Once whatever is hooked up, consisting of the Xbox 360 strength supply, rotate on the console and also TV and also make certain the audio and video are functioning properly. If friend don't watch the Xbox 360 dashboard, examine the connections and also make certain they're in the right places. Also, make sure the TV is collection to the exactly input.

If this is the first time you're utilizing the console, affix the controller and also go with the on-screen setup process.

For a wireless controller, hold the Guide button to turn it on. Because that a wired controller, plug it right into a USB port.

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Once that"s done, set up her player profile, pick HDTV setups if available, and sign up because that theXbox Networkservice.