Biljana "Biba" Golić is a Serbian table tennis champion, recognized as the “Anna Kornikova” the table tennis. Her competitive accolades encompass multiple titles, and the US national Collegiate No. 2. She has showed up on TV and in films including Balls the Fury. is honored to count her as component of our team, and we sat under to chat with her about what it takes to be a great ping pong player. If you going to learn, it might too be native the best!




Getting started with Ping Pong

There space a couple of different shots everyone requirements to master if you"re hoping to end up being a table tennis star in your own right. Also if you"re not looking to placed in the year of focused hard work to end up being a civilization champion, for plenty of of us, it’s enough to be crowned the champion the the office or family. Particularly if you come native a extremely competitive, sports oriented family. Heck, simply beating her dad or also your ceo is worth a tiny extra practice sometimes.

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Table tennis, choose a many sports and games, deserve to be learned quickly, but can take a life time to master. We don"t have that lot time now, therefore we"ll simply aim to offer you a few tips the can give you a rapid edge in your next matches.

There space four an easy ping pong shots friend absolutely must know before you begin making cunning plans to embarrass your ceo in prior of anyone (Disclaimer: I have not heard of, or experienced this happening at

The four basic table tennis shots:

Forehand DriveBackhand DriveForehand PushBackhand Push

The Pillars that Table Tennis

Before you start working top top these, that is valuable to have an excellent equipment. It doesn’t need to be a $300 paddle designed by a pro, however you"ll need a kind rubber that deserve to generate spin come execute this shots properly. Our Impact Series are great beginner"s paddles with plenty of room for growth.

You’ll also want come make sure you’re stop the paddle correctly, the your stance is good, and last, yet definitely not least, never ever underestimate the importance of footwork! Think of this three points as the structure of her game. Your game can just be as solid as the foundation.

How come Master The Forehand drive (Counter)

The forehand drive (counter) is the an easy stroke that most people learn first. The forehand drive need to be offered when your opponent gives you a deep/high ball. A forehand journey is the perfect method to prevent your adversary from make an aggressive, attacking stroke. Ideally, girlfriend should try to have your ball land as close to her opponent’s baseline/sideline.

Before getting into the execution the the stroke, us should focus on the stance. Your body need to be positioned close come the table, v your right leg more from the table than your left (switch if you a lefty). Most of your body weight have to be put on the balls of your feet and also your knees should be contempt bent. This will allow you to move quickly.

Before hitting the ball, you’ll should do a backswing the will permit you to accumulate enough power to do a strong, aggressive stroke. Rotate your body to the right and transfer the body load onto your ago foot. This is not full-scale tennis, so don"t take it a large, looping backswing. It should be short and straight back.

As quickly as the ball hits your side the the table, it is time to walk for it. Revolve your body in the contrary direction (left), and also transfer the weight of your body to her front foot. Keep your paddle slightly close up door (face that the paddle slightly facing the height of the table) and hit the round at the top of that bounce. Try accelerating the rate of the stroke once you struggle the ball. The will assist you obtain some topspin. When you’re excellent hitting the ball, proceed the movement of her stroke and finish the forehand drive with your paddle pointing up, yet not too much back.





How To understand The Backhand drive (Counter)

This stroke must be played in the same situation as the forehand drive yet when the sphere is struggle to your backhand side. A backhand drive need to be supplied when your enemy gives girlfriend a deep/high ball. The backhand drive is the perfect way to avoid your enemy from do an attacking stroke. Similar to the forehand drive, girlfriend should shot to have your ball land together close to her opponent’s baseline/sideline.

Start the backhand journey by encountering the table. Your racket should move forward and also slightly upwards, although slightly closed. Save your wrist loose, it will aid you impart spin onto the ball.

The ball should be hit at the peak of that bounce, and also the punch is finished v your eight pointing in the direction the the sphere (elbow quiet bent).




 How To grasp The Forehand Push

This stroke is normally used for short balls, and its function is to protect against your foe from make an attack shot.



Like the forehand drive, it’s necessary to gain your feet into the appropriate position. The body place is similar. Your right foot have to be further back, and your feet have to be shoulder size apart.

Unlike through the forehand drive, when you’re act the forehand push, her paddle should be open, around 45%, so her paddle have the right to travel under the ball.

Start by law a backswing, and also once the sphere hits the surface, relocate the human body backwards. This is a subtler stroke, so you need to only brush the round (not fight it). Her elbow must remain open as you continue with the stroke, and you should finish with her paddle in former of your body.




How To grasp The Backhand Push

The hit is normally used for brief balls, and its function is to prevent your adversary from do an attack shot.

Start by stand close come the end line, dealing with the table.

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Your paddle should be open, 45%, and also the backswing should short and also with her hand close to her chest. Use a brief stroke, and also move your eight forward and down indigenous the elbow. Make sure you “brush” the ball with a swift relocate while the round is at its top (or slightly earlier).

You should finish with the paddle in front of you and also down in the direction of the table. Your arm must still be bent at the elbow. 

So, there"s a couple of shots for her arsenal. Mastering those will be a an excellent start and also give girlfriend an sheet over her friends or boss. Remember, naught that requires skill can ever before be mastered without some great old fashioned trial and error. Practice these shots and also you might even discover yourself having actually some fun, you never know! the beats sit in front of a computer. #UnPlugNPlay