There are few things an ext satisfying than beating enemies with a Ground pound in the super Mario 3D All-Stars variation of at sight Mario 64, a trademark Mario move which sees ours hero slam his rear right into the ground. The portly plumber first began his butt-stomping service in super Mario 64, and also with a number of practical offers within the game, it’s an important move come master.

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Let’s pound some ground!

How to execute the soil Pound


While in midair, press the “ZL” (crouch) button. If enforcement correctly, Mario will certainly flip in midair prior to quickly slamming to the ground, do a “wuh!” sound as he descends.

Remember, as quickly as friend hit the “ZL” button, Mario will certainly descend immediately downward onto every little thing is below him in the moment. You’ll want to closely observe what’s listed below Mario and aim carefully, and if she trying to Ground pound a moving target (for example, a Goomba charging towards Mario), you’ll desire to exercise your timing.

It’s a versatile move that have the right to be combined with a number of Mario’s other moves, such as the Triple Jump, Somersault, Backflip, and wall Jump.

What is the Ground pound for?

While the Ground lb is greatly optional in most combat situations, it is the only method to loss Whomps. Whomps room the snaggletoothed, walking stone rectangles watched in Whomp’s Fortress (as well as near the finish of the game, in the Bowser in the sky stage). Once they strategy Mario, they will certainly attempt to crush the by slamming themselves under face-first; evade them, and also Ground pound them on your backs to defeat them. The same technique is offered to take out their leader, the Whomp King, though unlike his minions, His Majesty will need a complete of 3 Ground Pounds come defeat.

It deserve to be a an excellent maneuver for acquiring Mario out of a pinch, too. If you autumn from a good height, you can reduce (and sometimes fully nullify) the damages taken from the autumn if friend Ground Pound once close come the ground. When flying through the wing Cap, a floor Pound deserve to also assist you make a faster and more precise landing.


Ground Pounds are also used come activate Blue Coin Blocks. These space small, gray blocks v a blue circle and a star prize emblazoned on top. When activated, Blue Coins will appear nearby, and Mario has a minimal amount the time to collect them prior to they disappear. Grab them quick, as Blue Coin block cannot be reused till the level is reset, and also they have the right to be important when attempting to gather 100 coins in a level (which, in turn, unlocks a strength Star).

There are also a variety of situations in supervisor Mario 64 inside the Ground pound is crucial move because that Mario to progress. In the first level, Bob-omb Battlefield, Mario should use the ground Pound repeatedly on the stump holding the Chain Chomp’s leash in location (look because that the massive, terrifying steel ball of fatality with the welcome teeth; friend can’t miss out on it). Doing therefore will cost-free the Chain Chomp and unlock a strength Star.

In Hazy Maze Cave, there is a huge creature called Dorrie swim in the depth of the cave. He’s a friendly fellow who will certainly let Mario drive on his earlier — despite if you desire that power Star, you’re walk to have to be less accommodating in return. Floor Pounding his back will make Dorrie lower his neck, and if you run on his head, you have the right to then directly manage Dorrie.

Meanwhile, in Peach’s Castle, girlfriend can additionally Ground Pound 2 pillars in the basement, draining the moat and allowing access to the mystery course Vanish cap Under the Moat.

The threats of soil Pounding

Remember, if you begin your Ground lb from a good height, Mario will certainly still take damage, just as he will from a continuous drop.

You additionally can not cancel a soil Pound once the move is in motion, so be very careful come observe every little thing is immediately below Mario while he is in midair, together you don’t want to send his behind plummeting directly into a danger — or worse still, to his death if you carry out the move over the sheet of a course.

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Ground pound appearances in other Mario games

After the floor Pound’s debut in at sight Mario 64, that has appeared in nearly every subsequent Mario platforming video game to date, including numerous of his 2D adventures. It is right, you deserve to perform this relocate in every three gamings in supervisor Mario 3D All-Stars!

While 64 significant the an initial time the Mario could butt-stomp his means to victory, his adversaries were making use of it means before him. In at sight Mario Bros. 3, Bowser’s primary strike was similar to Mario’s soil Pound, and Wario was additionally a pan of the practice in his super Mario land 2: 6 gold Coins boss fight.

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