This quiz will determine what hanging wedgie you should get and how lengthy you have to hang for. You can hang from a door, coathook, fence, tree, or also a flagpole.

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Do you have actually what it takes to endure the hanging wedgie? once you end up this quiz, give yourself the wedgie that you get. Yes, even if the is a flagpole wedgie.

created by: WedgieDude

What underwear carry out you wear? Tighty whities colored briefs Boxer Briefs Boxers Thongs Jockstraps ns don"t undertake underwearIf girlfriend wear tighty whities, execute you only wear tighty whities? Tighty whities are my life ns wear various underwear occasionally I don"t stay tighty whitiesHow regularly do you get wedgies? never ever Once a month when a main Daily an ext than as soon as per work I"m right now hanging by mine undiesWho offers you wedgies the most? Bullies brother FriendsHow regularly do you provide wedgies? never ever Occasionally often Every dayHow perform wedgies feeling to you? lock hurt so much They"re ok they feel an excellent Never got oneDo you give wedgies come yourself No YesWhat"s the longest you"ve been in a hanging wedgie for? Never acquired one 0-10 minute 10-30 minutes 30-60 minutes 1-8 hrs 8-24 hours much more than one day numerous daysWhat"s the greatest you"ve obtained a hanging wedgie? Never got one 1 feet or less 1-5 feet 5-10 feet 10-20 feet 20-50 feet 50-100 feet 100+ feetWhen you gain a hanging wedgie, do you acquire stripped down to her underwear? No sometimes AlwaysWhen you get a hanging wedgie, carry out your limbs obtain tied up? No periodically AlwaysWhat"s the most embarrassing ar you"ve been hung indigenous before? college flagpole residence flagpole A huge tree A regular sized tree A fence A coathook A door never been hungWhere have actually you to be hung indigenous the most institution flagpole residence flagpole Tree Fence Coathook Door never ever been hung beforeWhat do people consider you as in school? Nerd geezer Dork common Jock BullyDo you favor class i skip course all the moment Not really course is ok hell yeah i love walking to class I can"t walk to class cuz I"m constantly hanging top top the flagpole

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Quiz topic: What sort Of Hanging Wedgie should I Get? (Guys Only)

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