After beating Pokemon X or Pokemon Y the very first time around, one of the very first things you need to attempt is to catch another legendary Pokemon known as Zygarde. Girlfriend pretty lot knew there would certainly be a legendary based upon the letter Z coming after the X-based Xerneas and also Y-based Yveltal considering previous games. However, this will certainly be much much more of a challenge as the is a much greater level and also can wreak havoc pretty quickly with its move set.

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The Dragon and Ground type Zygarde is uncovered in one area that you may have actually been to before, yet could never uncover him within the cave. Let’s take it a look in ~ where and how to record this following legendary Pokemon.


Catching Zygarde

1. Paris to Couriway Town and head phibìc to course 18, whereby you will almost immediately watch a cavern that girlfriend may have explored in the past.2. Get in Terminus Cave.3. This is a pretty complicated and long cave, so ns will information it as ideal as I can to acquire you directly to Zygarde. There are countless items scattered throughout the cave, consisting of a few good people in the last chamber through Zygarde. If you wish to grab those, just check out as girlfriend wish. The directions are as follows

-Walk v this area until you get to the stairwell.-Move south and also then west follow by southern again while jumping over gaps.-Move come the west and north increase a ramp come a wooden bridge. Cross this bridge to the east.-Once across the leg go south and face a trainer battle. When done, walk a little more south and also then east up a small ramp and throughout another wood bridge to the east. Over there is a trainer on this bridge you can pick to fight or avoid.-After cross the leg go under the only ramp you can and head north. Over there is an additional trainer friend can choose to struggle if friend wish. Simply barely come the north, look because that a stairwell on the east wall and head under it.-Head north once again and also there is one more trainer you have the right to fight if girlfriend want. Head north additional with some zigzags. Perform not usage Rock quit on any type of of the rocks as you should just keep heading north.-Eventually you will reach a fork where you have the right to go phibìc or east. Select to go east and you can select to fight a trainer or not as you relocate eastward.-Now head south down the pathway he to be pacing earlier and soon on till you with a wall where you can pick to go eastern or west. Pick east and then revolve south virtually right away to obtain in a dual battle that you cannot protect against with 2 trainers.-From there, head directly south and once you hit a wall, head east and go up the stairs.-Work your method north whereby you will get into an unavoidable trainer battle. After the is over, go a little an ext north and also take the stairs on the west wall.-Now all you have to do is head right north and you will arrive at Zygarde.

5. SAVE best NOW!6. Speak v Zygarde to begin the battle.

Moves:-Dragon Pulse-Camouflage-Earthquake-Crunch

As stated before, Zygarde is definitely a much tougher matchup than Xerneas or Yveltal, but you tho should be able to handle it pretty quickly at this point. Earthquake is his many damaging attack, so having a Flying form on standby is constantly a an excellent idea. He appeared to mix it, Dragon Pulse, and Crunch a an excellent bit throughout the fight. Mine biggest trouble with this hit was mainly that I retained KOing Zygarde as well quickly, also with him at Level 70. One ice cream Beam or two Surfs took him down for me and also forced me to restart many times.

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The best setup because that you in this struggle is to carry some Pokemon species that deserve to whittle the down reasonably quickly. You have the right to also try a turn one fast Ball if you desire as it seems to work in this game more often than in the past. Then usage some less damaging move to acquire his health and wellness down come the red. Then carry in someone who knows False Swipe and also whittle him down to 1 HP if possible. If friend don’t have actually False Swipe, just obtain him under as low together you can. If girlfriend can obtain him down an extremely low, you shouldn’t have actually too much trouble catching Zygarde. Being situated in a cave, you would be finest served to usage a Dusk sphere throughout most of the fight as it will provide you a 3.5x multiplier. If the fight goes on a small while, start using Timer Balls instead as lock will give you approximately a 4x multiplier, relying on how lengthy the fight has lasted.


When all is said and also done, you will certainly have one more legendary Pokemon in Zygarde included to your team!