As the blinding glare from the sun dies down (your very first bath in organic light-so long as girlfriend didn’t escape during the night, the is!) you’ll see a ruined world sprawled out before you. Together the game promises, you’ve got totally free reign that the place, to pursue Dad… or not. During this walkthrough, it’s commonly a the majority of not… The very first thing we should do now that we have actually the flexibility to check out as us wish is to attain the intelligence Bobblehead. It’s in the much south-eastern corner of the map, and also the trip have the right to be somewhat perilous, yet it’s a worthwhile endeavor. The prize-a irreversible +1 rise to our Intelligence-will earn us an extra Skill point each level because that the remainder of the game. Needless to say, the sooner we gain this done, the better. If you’d rather explore Megaton… maybe gain yourself a house, first… skip to “The power of the Atom” . **** simply remember that every level you obtain without gaining the knowledge Bobblehead is a Skill suggest wasted (unless you began with ten Intelligence, i m sorry is garbage enough.)

Oh, speak of leveling up, you’ll get sufficient experience from perfect “Escape!” to level up. Despite the primacy of an abilities like Lockpick , Repair and also Sneak , girlfriend should an increase your Explosives ability to 25. This will assist complete “The strength of the Atom” , which consequently will… simply make life easier. An enhancing Speech a bit beforehand will additionally make you more likely succeed in ~ Speech challenges, i beg your pardon will minimize the lot of save/loading you’ll need to do.

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If you have actually the expansions installed, you’ll gain messages presenting the new quests, and with damaged Steel installed you’ll get a blog post that indicates the level cap has been elevated to 30.

2) Megaton, Ho!

Check the compass in ~ the bottom left of your screen… just listed below your Hit allude bars. You’ll desire to head towards the solid green arrowhead pointing south-east. Navigate the terrain carefully, as drops DO hurt. As soon as you reach Megaton you’ll meet a robot named Deputy Weld and also a bad beggar named Micky. Get in the town, then immediately exit come ensure you have it on her map. Now that we have actually that excellent with, we can head on come Rivet City. If you’re overloaded through crap, wait around outside Megaton for a couple of hours at a time and also eventually some merchants will display up. It’s as great a ar as any to unload any type of extra suits of Vault 101 security Armor you’ve found. We’ll talk about these vendors in greater information later, however for now, just sell off junk. Keep your Baseball Bat, your 10mm Pistols, a copy of each Vault 101 outfit (if girlfriend horde outfits), your copy the Grognak, all her chems, her Nuka-Cola, your Purified Water… and also generally something that’s weightless. Because… why not? It’ll market for much more later, wihen you have actually a higher Barter skill, at the very least.

3) Tips for the Trek

Now because that the huge trip come Rivet City… because that those of you who don’t favor too lot hand-holding… why did friend download this guide? seriously though, this will be a rough overview of hints to help you get there in one piece. Or in ~ least, one piece qualified of stop the several pieces that gained shot/smashed/hacked/clawed/blasted/chewed off.

Avoid fights as soon as you can. Usage the *Sneak* ability to relocate about. The slows you down, and getting within a mile that anything will probably provide you away, however the the very least it"ll perform is phone call you even if it is you"re , even if it is an adversary has heard girlfriend , and also if you"re being sought or attacked by something . The higher your Perception, the simpler it"ll it is in to see and also avoid danger. The greater your *Sneak* , the much better your opportunities of staying clear of a fight.Keep multiple conserve slots for this reason you can back-track if you need to. Saving right before you accidently discover the death Claw arbitrarily encounter will spare girlfriend a many trouble.Keep in mind the healing is no going to be as easy to come through anymore. In fact, healing will be one of two malice for a while: 1) prohibitively expensive, as utilizing a Stimpak is the equivilent that swallowing 25 caps, or 2) a profession off, together food and also water resources that replenish hit Points will certainly in turn give you Rads. A full Rad bar have the right to be expunged with one 100 cap medical professional visit though, so the is cheaper in the long run to simply soak up the Rads... Simply be economic about it. Drinking from a fire hydrant is walking to offer you a much much better Hit Point-to-Rad ratio than, say, drinking from a toilet. The course, you can"t suck ~ above a hydrant when you"re being shot... Or in ~ least, no to any effect, so usage Stimpaks in combat if necessary.If you need to fight, fight prefer a sissy. Acquire up come them in melee and also V.A.T.S. Them, for this reason you"ll do some damages while gift immune yourself. Once V.A.T.S. Is done, run until you get an ext Action Points. Rinse, wash, repeat. The won"t conserve you from overwhelming firepower, however it will permit you to choose off the strange Raider or two.Occassionally try to get in V.A.T.S. Together you explore, also if there"s naught in sight. Regularly times you can pick out a foe in V.A.T.S. Long before you deserve to see them. This can alert girlfriend to opponents that could be hard to see against the background... Vicious Dogs, Mole Rats, Bloat Flies, etc.Did you conserve your game? Seriously, you"re walk to desire to perform this often. Rotate save game slots, just in case. Ideal case scenario, you make it there without having to fight more than number of foes. Worse situation scenario, you conserve your game when girlfriend think you"re safe... Yet that fatality Claw behind you begs come differ. And also he"s no going to prevent killing you when you reload, either.Warning

Seriously. Conserve your freakin’ game. Crashes, paper corruption, mistakes… castle happen. It’s a lengthy game, so acquire into the habit of conserving regularly and rotating saves.

For those of you that want much more concrete direction to get to Rivet City as well as “It’s south-east, here’s some tips, an excellent luck!” Well… right here will it is in chronicled one such operation in detail. Just keep in mind the random encounters perform occur, and there are numerous fine methods to acquire to Rivet City-this is simply one of them. Your trip most likely won’t be precisely the same, yet it will certainly at least give you a point-to-point reference. Very first head mostly east to the sewer Waystation. If you uncover Super-Duper Mart, you’re too far north. If you discover a highway, you’re too much south.

5) Wilhelm’s Wharf

From the sewage system Waystation head east some much more until you discover Wilhelm’s Wharf. Here you can discover Grandma Sparkle if you must sell off some more stuff friend find. If you discover Greyditch, you’re too far south (or not much enough!) Seriously, protect against the Fire Ants. You deserve to probably death a number of them, but it’s prohibitively costly to perform so with your ammo reserves… and also melee is not an option. If you want to check out why… well, save the video game and try it.

Grandma Sparkle will tell you around people trying to find you, depending upon your alignment (at this allude in the game, it’s almost certainly Talon company Mercs.) You have the right to steal part .32 Calibur ring from she if you feel lucky. If girlfriend get captured by part annoying ass kid named Bryan Wilks, he’ll try and obtain you to begin the search “Those!” . We’re in no position to do this pursuit yet (see the Fire Ant comment above), and also he need to be ashamed that he tried come coerce us right into likely suicide! You must strive to success at two Speech challenges with the boy to score part extra loot… which will be very an overwhelming at this allude in the game. If he catches you… just reload and shot to protect against him.


On miscellaneous forums in the first weeks that this game’s release, it was a reasonably frequent topic to see human being talking around their an initial Fire Ant experiences. Ah… memories…

6) down the ol’ potomac Road

Head south-east under the road along the potomac River, past the authorize that states “Anchorage battle Memorial”. Disregard the leg that leader to it, as it’s spanned in Frag Mines. While they’re easily disarmed with a little bit of practice, us should simply avoid the place, as we don’t desire the XP we’ll obtain from disarming the mines. Remember, level gained amounts to Skill point out lost. Keep following the road and, if it’s the appropriate time that day, you might find a Scavenger sitting on a dock. If you can, plunder the Scavenger, as they’ll likely have actually all way of loot for you… back it’ll most likely require a lot of save/loading to obtain that gear… tiny of i beg your pardon is useful, and also none of i m sorry is essential.

Note: Weapon information (Frag Grenades):

Eh, they have their uses. Lock do great damage, however they deserve to be somewhat inaccurate outside of V.A.T.S., and somewhat tempermental with V.A.T.S. If you check out a sweet group of baddies just begging to be maimed, girlfriend might also use ’em.

You can’t use them in V.A.T.S., which provides sense, because you’re no lobbing them in ~ enemies, however that practically makes them an ext or much less useless in close variety scenarios. Dropping a live mine a the feet of a poor guy isn’t simply impractical, it’s dangerous. Still, that’s not their purpose-use castle to collection up traps.

Continue down the roadway to the south and also you’ll view a destroyed bridge in former of you. Take it the road leading up to the intact section on the same coast you’re on. The threat icons you see on her compass (the red dashes) space Raiders the live in the area under the bridge. Protect against them by remaining away native the openings in the bridge. As soon as on peak of the leg sneak approximately the west, away from the river. In ~ the finish of the bridge wherein rubble stays clear of further exploration part of the railing has been destroyed. Jump under to top top a heap of rubble and also safely head to the large building across from the bridge through the crane end it. You’ll still means to continue to be up west, away from the river till you reach the building, as you can still it is in bothered through Raiders in ~ the bridge. Go up the stairs to with the building’s structure and search garbage cans for goodies. Soon enough you’ll gain a article saying you’ve discovered the Citadel. A couple of minor opponents so far, and also one Raider camp conveniently skirted… no so bad, right?

8) Brotherhood Burglary

You’ll pertained to the former of the building, whereby some males in strength Armor are standing guard, in addition to a Sentry Bot. Friend don’t want to pick a fight here. You can talk come Paladin Bael, yet there’s no really any suggest to it simply yet. If you’re an idiot, like me, you deserve to nab some 5mm rounds from Bael, and also some 5.56mm ring from his buddy. If girlfriend head come the much southern finish of the structure you’ll watch a super Mutant, a Centaur, and a super Mutant master (or a super Mutant Overlord, if girlfriend have broken Steel installed) in a fire-fight with the Citadel Defenses. Normally, the Brotherhood cleans house, but the Overlord and also his Tri-Beam Laser Rifle are simply too much. Don’t get any stupid ideas, continue to be away indigenous them. Girlfriend don’t have actually the faintest chance of winning.

You can see Brotherhood of steel patrols wade about, which can be robbed similar to that Scavanger. They typically have Laser weaponry ~ above them, and also ammunition for stated weapons… it simply depends on exactly how much time and patience you’re willing to invest trying come steal firearms you can’t purchased to use yet. Girlfriend can commonly steal 10mm Pistols from every the Knights carrying hefty weapons… yet it’s as much as you to decision if it’s worth the hassle.

Note: Weapon information (Laser Pistol):

The Laser Pistol is the weak Pistol that the Energy Weapons family, although the does appreciably much more damage than a 10mm Pistol. That is ammo is more expensive, and also repair prices are high and also frequent… every in all, it’s probably far better to save the energy Cells because that a far better gun, rather than usage a Laser Pistol at all.

Ah, much much better than that is pansy pistol cousin, the Laser Rifle has actually much greater damage (about double as much) and a similar Action allude cost. The is, however, expensive to maintain. That is ammo is amongst the most expensive, and if girlfriend should ever be cursed with the must repair the gun… you could just cry.

9) Diving for Treasure

Head come the former of the Citadel, the contrary the gate Bael to be guarding and go down by the coast. Search till you find a dock through some crates and two locked an individual footlockers ~ above it. Dive into the water through the sunken ship and also search within the cabin. Through the skeleton you’ll find some RadAway, Rad-X, a Stimpak, part Caps, and the Captain’s Key. Also, in a submerged ammo box you’ll uncover 8 .44 Magnum Rounds. Currently open the personal footlockers through the Captain’s Key. In the left one you’ll discover 8 10mm Rounds, 4 Caps, a Chinese Pistol, and also a power Fist. In the ideal one you’ll uncover 9 Caps and another power Fist. Keep both fists and also don’t incorporate them.. Even if castle break. We’ll uncover a better use because that them later. And also by all means, don’t be fear at every to strap them on… they’re for this reason much better than the Baseball Bat.

Note: Weapon details (Chinese Pistol):

If you were sitting approximately thinking… Gee, the Pistol sucks, and the BB Gun sucks worse… if only there to be a pistol in in between the two, sort of a moderation suggest between suck and also extra suck… Well, you’re in luck! here it is, the Chinese Pistol.

Powerful and also pleasing to use, it’s prefer punching somebody through a hydrolic punching glove! much fun. Also, it uses your Unarmed skill, definition it’ll skyrocket in damage as you gain Iron Fist perks. If you setup on getting Paralyzing Palm , power Fists are for you.

10) Pirate Pely’s boats & Bait

Now leap turn off the dock and into the water and swim south-east to reach shore and climb up the ridge. Come the south will it is in a bridge bring about the Jefforson Memorial. Ignore it. Head past the rubble east, north-east to find a sign reading “Pirate Pely watercrafts & Bait”. If you want to check out it, carry out so. Inside you’ll find a Radroach, some loot, namely the boozes in the fridge, the Pre-War Money in the register, and also the meds in the very first aid box. Additionally there will certainly be a computer system , and also a locked for sure the we just can’t do anything about yet. If you need healing, the water fountain in the corner should have about a 24:5 fight Points-to-Rads rate, which is as great as you’ll uncover out here.. Far better than the 20:8 price for drinking from the river.

11) super Mutant Smackdown

Book - Lying, conference Style

From the Pirate Pely’s sign you’ll desire to head early out east. Go up some stairs and also continue east until you hit a road. Monitor it south-east until you struggle a fort. You’ll an alert the stacked cars and sharpened stakes as you approach. Make sure you’re sneaking and undetected as you head down some stairs in former of the fort, taking you to a lower area near the shore. Loot part garbage cans. If girlfriend look throughout the water you could just be lucky enough to check out some super Mutants milling around on the structures about the Jefferson Memorial… and also if you’re unlucky, they could see you, too.

Head east, staying near the coastline until you come to a road leading under from the fort. The is feasible for the following events to happen: The ft to the north can be unoccupied, or it could be crawling v Super Mutants, possibly including a super Mutant Brute v a Minigun (which is usual for this fort). Or, if you’re lucky one of the merchants might have acquired into a scuffle through the supervisor Mutants and also kill them because that you. Most of the supervisor Mutants will have actually Nail Boards and Hunting Rifles, and also are completely managable singly or in pairs if you have actually a strength Fist.

Note: Weapon info (Nail Board):

Pretty lot a hunk of wood v nails in it… what’s not to like? It’s about as reliable as a Baseball Bat.

Anybody who played fallout 1 & 2 likely remembers struggling along with a hunting Rifle in ~ some point or another… and it has the exact same niche in fallout 3. A poor mid-ranged weapon with a sluggish reload and rate that fire, but it transaction a passable quantity of damage, and also its ammo is reasonably cheap.

A good short-ranged weapon, it easily loses potency together the range increases. It’s made to chop baddies to mulch, but frankly, it just works much better for them… friend know, since they have actually no ammo. Because that you, you’ll easily go with a hundred rounds to death anything big, and also you’ll require thousands of ammo come even consider bringing it into a big fight.

If you’re emotion frisky, clear out the base. There are numerous ammo boxes come loot, as well as gore bags, and also of course the at sight Mutants themselves. If you are hurt native the fight, take it a nap ~ above the makeshift bedding. In ~ the “top” the the fort, near the bedding and also some ammo boxes you’ll discover a Lying, conference Style book. Also on the platform through the fire on top (possibly whereby the at sight Mutant Brute was) you’ll find a hostage. If you’re nice, you’ll permit them go. You have the right to ask lock to provide you stuff, however it’s usally junk and also not precious it. Anyways, as soon as you’re excellent killing, looting, and also resting, continue east. We’re practically there!


After a harrowing* journey, you’ll with the ramp to Rivet City (right), wherein your glorious* prize, the Bobblehead - knowledge (left), awaits.

12) The end of the Journey

Follow the road east and head up a ramp, you’ll watch a steel sign through the beautiful words “Rivet City” ~ above it. Huzzah! favor Megaton, vendors will occassionally gather external of Rivet City, therefore if you need to rest up to cause a merchant, by all means. Or you could waddle inside and sell your gear to several of the finest vendors in the game. Head up two rusty ramps and past the beggar Carlos and also activate the protection intercom. The bridge to Rivet City will extend, and you’ll be cooly greeted through Harkness top top the other side. As soon as you’re done talking, head through the door leading to the stairway. You have the right to buy pretty much anything in the Rivet City Market. Flak & Shrapnel market guns, Seagrave Holmes sells, well, a little bit of everything, Gary Staley sells food, Cindy Cantelli market drugs, and Bannon selling clothes. Rivet City will be explained in much more detail once we come right here to execute quests. Because that now, we’re just passing through.

13) The Prize

Bobblehead - Intelligence

Circle around and go with the door bring about the Midship Deck. Follow the indicators to the “Science Lab”. Head under the hallway and also take a right. At the finish of the next hallway take it a left, and go through the door bring about the science Lab. Go down the stairs to the main floor and look top top the table by the lockers. You’ll watch the Bobblehead - Intelligence close to a coffee pot. Run down and also grab it through out talking to anyone. We’ve no should bother through these quests yet.

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Now our good crusade because that the knowledge Bobblehead has ended, it’s time come head earlier to Megaton… by rapid travelling via your Pip-Boy, that course. By now we’ve gained some decent gear.. Weapon anyways, also if we can’t afford to use them. That would definitely be nice to have actually a place to save it all, eh? an initial things first, by now you have to be near level 3. If you’re not, go death some things until you are.