Getting to Vault 87 without Going under Murder Pass

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i REALLY don"t want to need to go down Murder pass to get to Vault 87 ns don"t have enough caps for much ammo for this reason I have to conserve. Ns consulted my autumn 3 collector"s execution strategy guide (on eBay because that $12 i love it) and I uncovered out the there is one more way. You can go come a reactor shaft and also there is a computer yet sadly you have to discover this kid called Joseph to turn on the strength then you have the right to use her Science an abilities to hack the computer and get come Vault 87 there is no going v 100+ supervisor Mutants. Trouble is, I uncovered Joseph however I can"t discover a alternative to ask that to rotate on the power???? I have Child At love if that might be it or other Idk however this is in the publication it should be genuine did any type of of you males do this???
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take it the direct route. Fill a totality bunch of RadAway and Rad-X, and don a Radiation Suit and also just operation as rapid as you can towards the Vault Door, and Pop a RadAway every 3 seconds (HotKey would help there). You must be fine. PS: i haven"t tried this myself, If the Vault Door turns out to it is in locked from the outside, I can do nothing. Simply save and also give it a go.

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Take the straight route. Fill a entirety bunch of RadAway and Rad-X, and also don a Radiation Suit and just operation as rapid as you deserve to towards the Vault Door, and Pop a RadAway every 3 seconds (HotKey would aid there). You should be fine. PS: ns haven"t do the efforts this myself, If the Vault Door transforms out to be locked from the outside, I deserve to do nothing. Just save and give it a go.
That doesn"t work; over there isn"t actually any door there, if ns recall effectively (or it"s just inaccessible).At the OP: i think you"ll just need to go with Murder pass -- don"t worry, though; the mutants could be challenging be the booty is good.The various other thing you can do is rescue coin (or whoever that is) indigenous Paradise Falls. I might be wrong, yet I think that"s the only method to sway Joseph settle the terminal.EDIT: You stated you have actually the Chid at heart perk, right? If that"s so, climate you should have the ability to make Joseph deal with the terminal. I get the emotion you"ve simply ran right into a nasty bug.
The radiation at Vault 87 peaks at 3000 rads per second, so you"d require a stunner amount the rad-x and also radaway come survive. And the door can"t it is in opened. A terminal in the overseer"s office states I"m rather sad come report that because of a direct hit native what i presume to it is in a nuclear weapon ~ above the entry area of Vault 87, we will certainly be unable to administer the Scouting Reports together outlined in Vault-Tec"s work Manual. The main door come Vault 87 is damaged past repair and also we room detecting incredibly high level of lethal radiation outside and also in the entry tunnel."
i think I discovered the ideal explanation ~ above the wiki "The Vault" ns quote the website"Vault 87 have the right to only be accessed through tiny Lamplight. The player will have the choice of questioning market MacCready about how to access Vault 87. The mayor will suggest taking murder Pass. However, the will additionally inform the player the there is a damaged computer terminal in tiny Lamplight the will permit direct accessibility to the Vault via a different, much safer route.To accessibility the terminal, the player need to speak come Joseph (as command by the mayor). Joseph deserve to fix the damaged terminal, allowing it to be hacked, but he will only do so if the player has rescued penny from sky Falls, if the player has a high sufficient science or persuasion skill, or v the child at heart perk. Joseph have the right to be found in the tiny Lamplight schoolhouse in the morning. The player must have a scientific research skill that 50 to in reality hack the computer to gain into the Vault.If coin is not rescued, or if Joseph i do not care upset v dialogue, entrance with Murder Pass will certainly be the just option to acquire to Vault 87. Situated North that the souvenir building, murder Pass residences several at sight mutants armed with hefty weaponry like missile launchers and miniguns. Over there are also a variety of traps, so be careful. Market MacCready will open the gate for friend if asked. Murder pass is a good choice because that earning experience. It also contains several clinical cabinets, a decent amount the ammunition and a Nuka-Cola Quantum."
ns don"t have the child at heart perk no one did ns rescue anybody indigenous paradise falls.I simply remember talking to Joseph that then turned the strength for the computer on, then i hacked it.I"m not certain why you can"t. Can be a glitch.
I don"t have the boy at heart perk nor did i rescue anybody native paradise falls.I just remember talk to Joseph who then turned the power for the computer on, then ns hacked it.I"m not sure why girlfriend can"t. Can be a glitch.
This because that me together well. In fact, this because that me every time I"m in there.
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So, what Lucky38 discovered in the wiki is right, but this is how it functions in the game,After you learn around the GECK and also you head end to LL you must go talk to Macready about getting right into V87. He has actually a conversation option around getting into it. He speak you about the monsters and also the gate (Murder pass) and also you deserve to ask him around an alternate means to obtain in and he speak you around the computer and you have the right to ask about Joseph. Then when you talk to Joseph that will help you use the computer system (leads you there). If girlfriend don"t talk to MacCready girlfriend don"t acquire the dialogue alternatives with Joseph.The difficulties about getting right into LL are another issue. Kid at Heart makes it a cakewalk. If you have actually high CH/speech it can be simpler (and if girlfriend want, that course, you have the right to save very first and shot over and over till you pass the speech check). The search to go to PFalls and save the youngsters is another way. But once you room in you need to talk come MacCready an initial if you want to speak to Joseph about the computer system terminal. Also, once you perform talk come MacCready, if you want it to it is in easy, and you don"t want to invest an eternity searching for Joseph, there will be a marker for him on your Pipboy.
After you learn around the GECK and you head end to LL you should go speak to Macready about getting right into V87. He has actually a conversation option around getting into it. He tells you around the monsters and also the door (Murder pass) and you can ask him about an alternate way to get in and also he speak you about the computer and you can ask about Joseph. Then as soon as you speak to Joseph that will assist you use the computer (leads friend there). If girlfriend don"t talk to MacCready you don"t obtain the dialogue options with Joseph.
Thanks; ns updated http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Joseph_%28Fallout_3%29 come reflect this information. I constantly thought this was accurate however wasn"t 100% sure.
guys, you dont require child at heart to talk to joseph, and you dont need a high speech. All you need to do is asking mayor around the other way, he claims the doors broke. And also directs you come josephyou can say to joseph "i really require to gain into vault 87" or something prefer thatjoseph says, "door works fine, computers broke,"you speak "can you revolve it on?"joseph "sure"easy together that. No decided or son at love required. And also you dont need to rescue penny.
guys, friend dont need child at heart to speak to joseph, and also you dont require a high speech. Every you need to do is questioning mayor around the other way, he says the doors broke. And directs you to josephyou have the right to say to joseph "i really need to acquire into vault 87" or something choose thatjoseph says, "door works fine, computer systems broke,"you speak "can you turn it on?"joseph "sure"easy together that. No decided or kid at love required. And you dont need to rescue penny.
Yeah, us figured the out. It"s more than likely a great idea to review the whole thread prior to replying. The post above yours, and the post above that, pretty much confirm what friend said, though not in as lot detail.
I simply wished I had asked the Mayor just how to get to the Vault, that"s my problem I didn"t ask that so currently if I speak to Joseph every he speak me is come go under Murder Pass, o well. I just bought the Sgt Robot so i guess he and also I will certainly go down and get er done. BTW I extremely suggest to anyone to location up on scientific research a lot, it really helps because most of the time you don"t even have come fight robots or anything you just disable them. And also the info held in a many of computer systems is really valuable
Joseph will deal with the terminal, you just have to talk come "Snotrag" Macready first, obtain him come tell you around the various other door. Once you do, find Joseph, and he"ll open it. You just need a 50 Science, or a 40 Science and also Lesko"s rap coat. And also boom, you"re past half the muties, and you still obtain the 800 XP for "Picking up the Trail". Happy happy.
therefore I ended up acquisition Murder Pass, not since I couldn"t gain Joseph to perform it because I locked the terminal.
i didn"t understand then that you could just action away and try again. However Murder pass was simpler then the book made the sound maybe since Sgt RL3 killed all the at sight mutants usually XD. BTW as soon as I acquired out the the Raven rock base the Sgt to be gone anyone understand what happens to your follower??? lol it"s so annoying something has actually happened to every one of my followers before.
BTW as soon as I got out of the Raven absent base the Sgt was gone anyone know what wake up to her follower??? lol it"s so stroked nerves something has actually happened to all of my followers before.

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RL-3 must be floating about in the website traffic circle in Canterbury Commons whereby the caravaners go to market their wares.