The Slytherin common Room is situated under the lake in ~ Hogwarts and seems to have been carved into the stone.The catalyst for the typical room together it is watched in harry Potter and the chamber of secrets was taken native Jordan's Petra Treasury, which is carved fully from stone.In stimulate to get in the common room, friend must know the password and which wall surface in the dungeons to to whisper it to. The password to the typical room changes every two weeks and the new password is post on the notice board. The only well-known password to go into the Slytherin common room was 'Pure-Blood' i m sorry is the password once Harry and also Ron enter with Malfoy in The chamber of Secrets. The location of the Slytherin common room is not known by various other houses, and by discovering where the entrance is, take care of Potter nearly gets himself and his friends far from the Snatchers in The Deathly Hallows.The typical room is defined as gift a long, short room through rough rock walls and ceilings. As it is partially under the lake, the room has a slightly green tinge. The eco-friendly lamps and green and black chairs provide the dungeon one eerie, cold feeling to it. Roughly the typical room are many low backed, black and also green button-tufted animal leather sofas as well as tables and also chairs. The is also decorated through skulls and a big serpent i m sorry is above the fire place.Around the typical room and on the mantle item are other accessories made native silver, often in serpentine designs. Favor the Gryffindor common Room, there are tapestries roughly the walls, but these room all mostly green and also blue, through the red removed. The mostly green and silver colouring leads to the usual room feeling prefer it is underwater. And also the huge leather sofas and vast fire place, the room likewise has dark wood cupboards and large chandeliers. There room a couple of paintings of renowned witches and also wizards from Slytherin house approximately the walls and since 2016, a portrait of Horace Slughorn.It was revealed ~ above Pottermore that the large squid often shows up at the windows and sometimes much more interesting creatures. Text: Dark time by Kevin MacLeod is license is granted under a creative Commons Attribution licence (

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