I just figured this the end today and also I'm not certain if it's new or if I just missed that before, however I went to my account on the sims 3 store and also was able to redeem 1000 SimPoints because that each game I have actually registered. So currently I have actually 8000 SimPoints to spend. Ns hope this write-up will assist someone else that didn't know around this.

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How? ns thought just the basic game and World Adventures provided you Simpoints for registration. Those space the just 2 gamings where it's in reality advertised top top the boxes.

I checked out My Account (the web page where girlfriend can access purchase history) and also there was a huge orange button for Redeem totally free SimPoints, i pressed it and also it gave me 1000 and also said something about thanks because that registering her game. Then when the page reloaded the button was quiet there and it permitted me to proceed redeeming points eight times before the button disappeared.

Logged in, witnessed the option on mine Account to "Redeem cost-free SimPoints," finished up going through it a couple of times, come out through 15,500 points. And also now I've acquired a new world to play in (with a Wishing Well!) and a ridiculous amount of new stuff to decorate homes and interact with.

I think I can be safety a lot more time in Sims 3 now...

I found it ~ above the my Account page, it had actually links because that purchase background and redeem a code and underneath there to be an orange switch for redeem cost-free SimPoints.

Checked today and I mysteriously acquired the orange switch there again for 1000 much more SimPoints. Not certain why, but I'll take it it!

So that's 11,000 SimPoints indigenous 9 development packs and also base Sims 3 from Steam.

It worked for me, acquired 9 development packs and base Sims 3 from heavy steam from the recent sale (base game which I already had the release day disc variation of). Got 10,000 SimPoints out of the heavy steam versions alone. So currently I have 12,000 and readjust to decision what to do with. Now I need to number out exactly how to optimize it using the SimPoints in conjunction v the daily deals/complete your set (CYS) deals. There are numerous websites/google docs committed to these, now I just need to get a manage on it... 

I can't seem to figure it out. Mine Sims account claims I have no games. But I have all Sims3 (sans world adventure & island Paradise) top top steam.

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Any thoughts?

You can get the an essential codes native your heavy steam account and register the password on beginning which will attach to her sims account.