Did girlfriend miss cultivation the Cowplants in The Sims 4? also if you’ve never ever heard the it, this guide will show you how to get the Cowplant dancing in no time!



You can get a Cowplant in The Sims 4, starting from Digging and also Exploring an are to straightforward Cheats. In this article, you’ll discover how come get and also grow your Cowplant.

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Where friend can find the Cowplant berry in The Sims 4

Exploring space

You don’t understand for certain what girlfriend can uncover while exploring the space. So hop top top the rocket and try your luck. You never ever know, whether you have actually chances come be earlier with a Cowplant Berry.


Don’t feel favor riding the rocket? not a problem! select classic fishing in Oasis Springs Desert Bloom Park’s watering hole and the waters of the forgotten Grotto (you’ll require some extra patience there). You can likewise find the Cow tree in the waters of Magnolia Promenade if you have actually The Sims 4 gain to Work.

Digging because that treasures

It is one of the most unusual tasks in Sims 4. Once you are digging for treasures, friend may uncover a Cowplant Berry in every digging spot.


Your Sims have to be at least level 7 the the Gardening ability so they can craft plants.

1. Plant a Strawberry and a Snapdragon.2. Once they are big enough, you need to take the cuttings of every plant.3. Use the cut on the Strawberry plant to develop the Dragonfruit plant.4. Take it cuttings that the Dragonfruit and also Snapdragon plants. Usage them ~ above the plant v the cutting of another. At the end of these actions, you will get the Cowplant berry.

The quickest means to obtain the Cowplant

If you want to acquire the Cowplant in The Sims 4 fast, you’ll should use cheats. The only thing you need to do is come “buy” the Cowplant in the debug mode. You can do that by using the cheat code:

bb.showhiddenobjects (Input the cheat password ‘testingcheats true’ first and press enter)

Press CTRL+SHIFT+C to usage the Cheat Console. Input the cheat code testingcheats true first.

The text input field shows up at the peak of the screen; there, you need to input the cheat codes. Come close the cheat console by pressing ESC.

Use the cheat code. Type in “Cowplant” and also press the find button, whereby you normally search her objects on the left that the screen. After ~ that, friend will discover your Cowplant there. It will be in the very first stage if you location the Cowplant. You have the right to own an ext than one Cowplant ~ above one lot.

Debug mode

In this mode, you can have every the in-game items prefer prepared food, special buildings designed because that venues, collectibles, and the main thing in this article – the Cowplant.

How to thrive the Cowplant


It is feasible to plant the Cowplant berry at any gardening level. Just in a couple of days, the Cowplant would be mature, and after that, you have the right to do a the majority of things through it: play, feed, and additionally collect a sample from the Cowplant. You have to feed the Cowplant every 12 hours. If the is hungry, it will try to tease her Sims v a cake. So, as soon as you see the cake, it means it is time come feed her Cowplant. In situation your Sims dare to eat the cake, they will be consumed alive. There is a opportunity your Sim will spit ago out and get a moodlet in return, but additionally it can finish not so an excellent – your Sim can die and also become a ghost.



Your Cowplant deserve to live without food because that 24 hrs of the critical feeding. Moreover, it can not be revived. Only a skeleton would certainly be left behind native Cowplant. You deserve to delete the skeleton in the build mode.

How come milk the Cowplant?

Your Cowplant will produce milk every time the eats a Sim, and also it doesn’t issue if Sim continues to be alive or dies. In case the Sim continues to be alive, the Cowplant produce milk based on the emotional state of the sim it ate. And also if girlfriend drink the milk, your center will get a new emotional state instantly, based on the milk your center was drinking.

‘The essence of Life’ drink will certainly be created if the Cowplant kills her Sim. You can include extra work of life of her Sim, in case you permit a center drink it. If this happens, her Sim will instantly become happy.

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Your Cowplant deserve to dance!

If you turn on music close to the Cowplant, the will begin to dance. Less complicated than girlfriend think.