game Freak developers comment on the "Celebi shrine" indigenous Pokemon Gold and also Silver, revealing that its inclusion to be accidental.

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pokemon gold and silver celebi shrine
Pokemon games are famed for having actually mysterious elements added to the game, be it the Missingno Pokemon in Red and Blue, or the Ilex Shrine in the Pokemon Gold and also Silver games; however, as it transforms out the latter wasn’t actually intended in ~ all. Players that visit the Ilex Shrine ar in Gold and also Silver assume that something is going to happen because of a rumor that started in online article boards. The rumor has it the the mythical Celebi can be summoned in ~ the shrine’s place by pass a certain item and also interacting v the shrine.

In a recent interview with Siliconera, Hironobu Yoshida Celebi’s designer declared that the advancement team was puzzled when castle heard rumors about catching Celebi in Gold and Silver since nobody remembered including Celebi to the game. "The leading rumor in Japan was the you essential to lug both the Rainbow Wing and also Silver Wing come the shrine, which would make Celebi appear," said Yoshida. He likewise recalled that "back then they would certainly use added sprite components to provide texture come rooftops, staircases, rocks, and more, they might have added in the shrine through these added sprites just to spruce up the area. Basically, that was most likely just part of the background. "

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of course, Celebi is the Guardian that the Ilex Forest, therefore it"s just fair to assume that it will appear at some location in the Forest, yet that never happened. Even though Celebi"s Pokemon data was discovered in the game files, however this legendary Pokemon was no catchable in the Gold/Silver variation of the game. Celebi came to be catchable in the Pokemon Crystal version of the game where players had actually to unlock the in-game pursuit to catch it. However, Pokemon SoulSilver/HeartGold did away through all the mysteries and made Celebi a can be downloaded Pokemon through GameStop.

pan still assume that the Ilex Shrine had actually some one-of-a-kind purpose, yet it’s only component of the elevator as declared by Yoshida. Also, Takao Unno, the arts director behind the game said, "Nobody ~ above the original staff remembers what the shrine is for, and also that"s the true secret behind Celebi." Pokemon Gold and Silver to be released in 1999, and rumors choose this have been circulating all over the net for 20 year now, it"s an excellent to ultimately get closure on among the best mysteries that Gold/Silver.

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However, not all fan theories to be shot down, some Pokemon Gold/Silver pan theories were actually confirmed by developer either directly or by later additions to the franchise.