We need to track them. You deserve to track lock by click ‘V’ to enter scent view. Elk have actually dark pink or irradiate pink dots. Dark pink dots space bull elk. Every bull elk have antlers, and they’re quite strong, so ns don’t introduce fighting these males alone if you’re no in simple mode. Irradiate pink method cow elk. Here’s an example of a light pink dot. To monitor scents, you simply need to walk to wherein the dots are coming from.

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Killing your Prey

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to kill your actual prey. After you monitor the elk’s scent, there should be a large herd that elk. Bull elk rut in fall, therefore they space usually travelling in smaller herds. Nevertheless, everything in WolfQuest is kill-able, for this reason don’t be fear to attempt defeating these male elk. However, be wary in the little bull elk herds due to the fact that they’ll team ~ above you favor the cheating ruminants castle are and also you’ll be lying there gift told carrion feeders will consume her body in the complying with days before you can also say “I object”.

Anyways, here’s an example of one elk herd in and also out of odor mode.

Notice every one of the circled elk. The circled elk come the ideal is an immature masculine elk. The circled elk come the left is a mature female elk. The circled elk in the lift (slightly difficult to see) is a mature male elk. Since there isn’t any kind of elk calves in this photo, here’s a photograph of an up-close calf v a raging mother.
Once you’ve locked top top them, once you’re closer come them you have the right to hold an are to accurate lock your jaws onto them, or click room to bite them. In mine opinion I favor holding onto them. The is likewise shown in the photo above. You should constantly go for the elk that stands their ground when you very first start chasing the herd together these space the weakest. If you miss out on this chance, however, you can have come bite a few to uncover the weakest. Native what I’ve seen, the lowest health and wellness bar I’ve watched an elk at is half. Once the elk you’re biting is at short health, they’ll lay under making it much easier to kill them. Please keep in mind that elk calves have the right to count as elks, yet I don’t introduce them. Reason being the adult female elks will certainly come defend their calf and will assault you throughout the process. In the end, it’s less complicated killing the adult female than the tiny calf. Plus, who would desire to willingly harm those cute little things?

Finding her Mate

Finding One

After you’ve killed your two elk, the video game will give you a pop-up speak you can find your girlfriend now. But, the question is, how? of course, the pop-up states how, however they leave out a few things. There are three ways to find a mate.

1. Howl 1-3 times then sleep2. Sleep in pack territory3. uncover one v scent

First, let’s walk over number one. To be honest, it’s pretty self explanatory. Howl, then sleep. I’m pretty certain the more you howl the higher chance there’ll be a dispersal wolf. I uncover that howling then sleeping on the outskirts of load territory (not in the territory) brings more dispersal wolves. One time I obtained a entirety five wolves making use of this method. Periodically when you wake up over there won’t be any type of dispersal wolves, however that, my friend, is simply a poor case of luck. Here’s an image of my wolf, Latte waking as much as dispersal wolves.


Believe the or not, the opportunity to readjust your personality actually has actually a purpose. For example, there’s a dispersal wolf that’s laying down, yet your wolf is energetic. This method the wolf that’s laying down is a lazy-type wolf and therefore would not be compatible v your energetic wolf, definition they’d have a reduced diversity than a much more energetic wolf. Here’s a whole video about it by the developer if you’re having troubles understanding or would as with some an ext facts around it.

Here’s some more info on it if you’re curious however feel totally free to skip this whole section together a review of it will be given. (You’re not lacking anything, i promise.)————————————-

If one parent has a gray coat (kk), and also the other has a black coat (Kk because KK rarely survive), then each pup has a 50% possibility of gift Kk (black coat) and 50% possibility of gray cloak (kk).If both parents space black and also Kk (because KK wolves hardly ever survive), climate each pup has a 25% possibility of being KK (black, and also probably dice in utero), a 50% possibility of being Kk (black), and a 25% possibility of gift kk (gray).

If both parents are kk (both have actually gray coats), then all your pups will have actually gray coats.So the K locus determines the wolf’s coat color:

If a wolf has two small k variants (e.g. Kk), climate it has a gray cloak (which might be anything native white to dark gray or brown).If a wolf has actually one tiny k and also one big K (Kk), then it has a black color coat (since K is dominant). This mix appears to offer wolves extra resistance come disease.If a wolf has two large Ks (KK), climate it is black…but it’s probably also dead, since this mix is commonly fatal prior to birth.

If you have a gray cloak (kk), then selecting a black wolf (which is more than likely Kk) offers your pups at least a 50% chance to be Kk, and also thus have actually higher disease resistance.If you have actually a black coat (probably Kk, but tiny chance that KK), choosing one more black wolf might give your pups higher condition resistance — however there’s a good chance (25% to 100%) that some pups will certainly die before birth. Litter dimension in WQ3 will differ (probably in between 4 and also 7, yet we’ll track that during beta testing), and this risk of a KK pup will add another element of suspicion to litter size.————————————-I copied that native the description of this video I’m walk to show you in case you feeling the have to watch because that even more information, so credit transaction to them! Besides, i would never ever be smart sufficient to write that indigenous scratch.

Summary;So basically, blackxblack would lug black pups and also blackxgray would lug black and grey and also greyxgrey would carry grey. Black pups room more disease resistant when grey pups room not. Additionally there’s a great chance (25% come 100% if you want technicalities) a black wolf’s pups will certainly die from birth, definition if you determined a black coat her litter size could decrease from seven to four. A curse or a blessing; the is the question.


Here’s a way to phone call what your personality is. Imagine this; You’re attacking a bull elk, however your mate’s not helping, why?

Well, either they simply don’t care, or, it’s your personality. That’s best folks, the has one more purpose quite than genetic/diversity reasons.

For example, once you’re finding her mate girlfriend might an alert each wolf has various ways to approach, or, don’t strategy at all, maybe also backing up favor you just gained some insane virus that totally doesn’t exist. Right. Or, if you’re like me, didn’t also notice.

The bold form dives in, no afraid to squeeze right into that small airspace your personal bubble needs to offer.While, the mindful wolves wait because that you come move, and, as soon as you do, ago up. Talk around trust issues, am i right?And of course the lazies that the team lay down instead of gaining up. “If they’re therefore lazy then how did they obtain here?” You could ask. And, to it is in honest, ns don’t know.The society wolves walk right right into courtship and also usually make the very first move. Friend usually discover them play-bowing.Then the loners, well, just offer them a hug and also a pat on the back, alright?

Wowee, the was fun to type.

Bonding v The favored One


Well, we need to start somewhere. And by starting, i mean incredibly friendly activities to an additional wolf denote you want to get to recognize each-other better. Sounds fun, right? So, basically, as soon as you uncover a wolf you want to gain to understand better, to mark them then usage some friendly animations favor rollover, playbow, and some other simple animations the I completely forgot existed. When you usage one, the equivalent wolf will execute an computer animation as well. Each computer animation you carry out will slightly lug the love meter up. Here’s a photo I showed you from earlier that represents this.


The downside is the fact that you have to wait for the other wolf to carry out their animation THEN you perform yours again.

I usually begin off v the play-bow, then roll-over even though the video game keeps telling me come wait my turn, i m sorry I will NOT do.

Once friend use sufficient animations to peak the wolf’s interest, a pop-up will, well, pop-up and tell you the you’ve interested the wolf and you’ve unlocked three heartwarming animations to proceed your bonding session through your potential partner in crime. These 3 include;

LickChin RestandSniff Noses

All very self explanatory, I have actually a emotion you won’t need extra details on these. Let’s move on, chandelier we?


Once you’ve filled up that heart meter the game will tell you the you’ve now entered a psychological state through your fiance/mate-to-be that can be cancelled by growling three times. To become actual mates, you should fill increase the affinity meter in ~ the optimal left. You can do this by;

1. Socializing with your mate. (Playbow, tail wag, etc)2. hunting with your mate

The bigger thing you hunt, the much more affinity points, as I choose to contact them, girlfriend receive, making your affinity bar larger. What I mean is, if you were to hunt, in example, a mule deer, you’d gain less points 보다 if you to be to death a cow elk. This bar have the right to fill up very quickly, yet I do a tiny test to make certain I have a good mate.

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“What might that test be?” You can ask. Well, great question. That test is a test where I target a bison and circle it, growling. I method closer and also closer, until I eventually nip in ~ its side. If mine mate helps, yes, if not, shoo pest. One time I had actually a four star diversity mate on trial. I did the test, and also guess what? that failed. Perform you understand what i did? That’s right. “Shoo pest.” since who desires a lazy friend who makes you do whatever for them? not me, that’s because that sure.

Now that we’ve finally found our mate, it’s time to travel to Slough Creek. Your mate will help you v territory-maintaining, killing food (hopefully), and even will certainly go ~ above solo-hunting trips come help provide for your puppers. What a guy! (or gal)

The can be fried End

Hello! This honestly take it hours, so i really hope you took pleasure in reading mine cheesy puns and also sarcastic ways.. This is actually the first guide I’ve ever before made, so I recognize if you don’t choose it. I expropriate constructive criticism and also would evaluate grammatical mistakes ns missed being corrected. Please offer me advice on how to do it better. If this (somehow) manages to be popular, I can make an ultimate overview on having pups in WolfQuest. Many thanks again. I appreciate it for this reason much!