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Hey, it"s glenn Pearce and also we"re back again because that Ask glenn Anything questions. If you"ve been trying to find the best means to get her come kiss girlfriend first, you"ve pertained to the best place.

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I"m really happy about all the males who composed in. There room so numerous wonderful questions, for this reason let"s gain right into it.

Okay, Derrick to write in, and also it"s no really a question. Ns mean, it type of is, yet I think he simply wants to smile a small bit.

But anyway, he writes in, he says:

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Hey Glenn, I know you"ve hung out v a bunch of the height ladies" males in the world, and also you probably have actually some quite awesome stories around yourself.

What"s the craziest pull you"ve ever seen? one of two people by you or among your Lothario brothers? and also any lessons native it? Thanks, man.”

Derrick, i don"t know what you typical by “crazy”… i guess crazy would be because that me, is when a girl who I never thought I"d have the ability to get for whatever reason, ultimately came residence with me.

But i don"t think you"re thinking around that.

I think you desire this stunner story.

And if that’s what you want, i can provide man:

Catch The Full video clip Transcript Below…

I mean, i think among the craziest ones, and I can"t psychic the specific specifics since we"re going way, way, way back.

This is most likely like eight, nine years ago. However I to be in brand-new York and also I to be walking v this park, okay, and also there to be this full stripper chick.

I median she had the biggest, fakest t*ts i think I"ve ever seen in mine life.

And i was walking v this park… and also it"s funny because it was throughout lunch time and around this park is all finance buildings, favor Charles Schwab and also The Met.

So throughout lunch, this park is filled with suits, okay?

And it"s a pretty famous park in brand-new York, it"s really cool.

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So I"m walking with this park, and also don"t questioning me just how I know this. But I could tell up ahead, because I"m constantly scoping mine environment, I could tell over there was most likely a really hot girl sitting on this bench.

And the reason why is because so numerous guys who go there on lunch, to be in teams standing or sit down. And also they were all just slightly feather in this one direction, right?

So i was like, there"s gained to be something walking on here.

There"s got to be some f*cking banging women, that was simply a spidey sense.

So I’m Walking through The Park & I view This Chick…

So, I"m walking with it and also this chick through the best t*rs ever, full stripper, mini skirt, totality thing walk on is sitting there.

I look in ~ her and she looks in ~ me… and also I stick my tongue out at her. And she sticks her tongue the end at me.

So ns walk right over come her and I just say, “If you"re going come stick her tongue the end at a boy like that, you must at the very least use it.”

And she stands right up and also starts do out v me, right?

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And we"re completely f*cking do out… and my place, at the same time is really close to where we"re at.

So i was like, “Let"s walk for a walk in the park,” and I grab she hand and also I start walking.

And meanwhile, ns feel prefer I"m the most necessary man in the universe because I know every male in there witnessed me walk approximately this girl and also walk away through her.

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It happened So fast Every guy There more than likely Thought She was My Girlfriend…

But I additionally knew that every male probably assumed she was my girlfriend and also we currently knew every other. Since it to be from 2 tongues sticking the end to one sentence and also then united state making out.

And so ns yanked this chick home.

Dude, and when I obtained home, I had actually this tiny tiny dog that for everything reason to be scared of her t*ts or something. Man, this dog wouldn"t f*cking stop barking.

And I"m like, “Oh mine god I"ve never ever heard mine dog bark prefer this,” so ns was like, “I gained to carry out something with my dog.”

So i knock on my neighbor"s door and also he was this dude the we sort of know and also I was like, “Yo, you got to take it my dog the end for a walk, man. I obtained this chick in here and my dog is entirely ruining everything.”

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And he starts laughing, the takes my dog out for a walk and also me and also this chick completely did our thing.

But that"s constantly been among the moments that stuck out in my mind the most… I median maybe since her t*ts were so big and it taken place so fast. But I think that"s among my craziest stories.

In every honesty, this type of thing isn"t the “crazy” though… picking up girl real fast like that, ns mean. I never thought it would be so simple to discover thebest way to obtain her come kiss friend first.

Because if you know what to look for, and also you know just how to point out the best kind of females (and ns don"t simply mean straightforward girls either)… then transforming things sex-related real fast just happens naturally.

Here"s what i mean:

This is how to spot women that are into you and also the best means to acquire her to kiss you…

How To build Your own “Spidey Sense” & point out the warm Girls Who desire YOU…

Like ns said, I acquired a little of a spidey feeling going on as soon as I saw this girl…

I typical it’s not like my mind gets a notification every time a warm girl beginning the room…

… it just happens when ns spot a girl who’s interested in me.

I know this can sound weird, practically like a superpower… but the reality is, there are ways to call if a woman is into you prior to you ever talk come her:

Here’s the thing…

Men and women interact differently, and also men tend to say what they want… they’re more straightforward as well (which is why men usually do the approaching)

Whereas women will drop this subtle-as-hell hints:

The means she plays through her hair…

How she stands…

Her eye contact (and ns don’t average “f**k me eyes” either… most women room a LOT much less obvious)…

… every these little factors that most human being don’t pay fist to, could be informing you the she’s interested.

And over the years, I’ve exercised spotting these little non-verbal cues… come the suggest that this days, I can just look in ~ a girl and instantly recognize if she’s right into me or not.

Whereas before, these indicators would go ideal over my head… and I to let go countless methods to bang a most gorgeous women… all because I had no idea what these subtle hints were!

But through a small bit of training friend can quickly spot them, and soon it’ll be 2nd nature:

Click right here right currently to learn exactly how to spot this signs, and also discover exactly how to call if a mrs is interested in you prior to you even say a word.

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P.S. when you recognize these signs, I’d bet my life you’ll an alert at the very least one girl who you thought was “out of your league” covertly wants come bang your brains out. I’m informing you… it’ll surprise you. The still surprises me! Haha