Before working v fire in the lab, be certain that any type of long hair is tied earlier and that shirt sleeves do not cave down. Before lighting the burner, set up supplies close to a a gas supply valve and also have all required tools within reach: 
Article Summary: It may look easy, however there are many safety actions to store in mind v lighting a Bunsen burner. Right here is step-by-step picture guide and also video.

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There should be a rubber tube associated to the Bunsen burner. Attach the opposite finish of the tube come the gas supply, typically a sharp nozzle with a manage labeled GAS.

​The photo to the right shows a gas it is provided valve in the OFF place (handle best angle come nozzle) . The photograph to the right of #1 reflects the gas supply valve in the ON position (handle parallel to nozzle).

​Immediately after turning on the gas, irradiate the match and slowly run it increase the next of​ the barrel till it ignites the gas. (This is done for safety. If the complement was held straight over the barrel, a high flame could burn the hand.) Shake enhance out and place that in glass dish.


​The image to the right depicts the various working parts of a Bunsen burner. The gas inlet is whereby one finish of the rubber pipe is connected. Both the barren and the cog-shaped control to the needle valve rotate to change the elevation of the flame.
Once the burner is lit, the cog in the base have the right to be manipulated to manage the height of the flame. The flame should be changed so the there is a clean blue flame neighboring an inside blue cone. 

Once the fire is lit, it must be had tendency at all times. If you must leave the burner, for any kind of reason, extinguish the flame by turning the gals valve handle to the off position.
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matches or steel striker draft to produce sparks. (If utilizing matches, have a watch glass easily accessible to place warm matches in.)
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