has an ext than 4.5 million active players every month. Many of you have actually told us that girlfriend would like a an ext comprehensive social experience. Girlfriend would like to be able come play and join games with her Friends. You would choose to be able to gauge how you’re doing, in any game, in relation to her Friends. Friend would like to be able come create gamings with these social aspects in mind. Basically, you’ve told us that girlfriend should be able to play and compete through one another – easily. Friends and also Followers is a new means of do social connections on, and a function that lays the groundwork because that these interesting social gameplay and game advancement possibilities.

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What is a Friend?

Friends are created when two individuals mutually agree to friendship. At the beginning of Friends and Followers, you have the right to have a preferably of 200 Friends. This scale provides it easier for you and your Friends to play together in windy games and also VIP Servers, and also will allow us to relax useful Friend-based features in the future (see “Why did we change to Friends and also Followers?” for more on this).

What is a Follower?

A Follower, ~ above the other hand, is established when one person chooses to follow the task of one more user. Think that this like following someone you discover interesting, such as a popular game creator, on a society network. It’s an easy method to remain up to date on what her favorite developers are playing and making. You deserve to follow an unlimited variety of players.

What occurred to mine previous best Friends and Friends?

Not to worry, they’re every still here — you didn’t shed anyone! We boosted the border on finest Friends to 200 in October to ease everyone right into this new look because that friendships. Here’s what taken place today:

Anyone that was a mutual Best Friend before today is now a FriendAnyone who was a non-mutual best Friend or a Friend before today is now a Follower

You are likewise now a follower of anyone that was a Friend prior to this update.

Why did we change to Friends and also Followers?

You, the community, have actually told us that girlfriend should have the ability to play and compete through one another – easily. We’ve currently made inroads by launching VIP Servers, i beg your pardon you have the right to now collection to it is in Friends-only (rather than manually white-listing details people) through the start of Friends and also Followers.

The Friends and Followers system creates much more meaningful connections in between members. It likewise unlocks possibilities because that other cool features, such as:

An intelligent feed that can filter in between Friends and also FollowersFriend-only leaderboardsA much more robust partying device for playersA developer API because that leveraging players’ Friend and Follower networksRecommendations based on what your friends space playing and purchasing

Guest search is a great, brand-new dungeon crawler to play v friends.

How perform I regulate my Friends and also Followers?

You can manage (i.e., add or remove) your Friends perform by visiting her Friends page. Us have included a new Followers tab come this page to manage the civilization you follow.

Once you’ve got to the maximum of 200 Friends, you will certainly not be able to send further requests until you remove an currently Friend. You will continue to obtain Friend requests – however, before accepting any, you will require to alleviate your currently Friend count to less than 200.

To follow another player, just visit their profile page and click the new “Follow” button.

As always, you can control who deserve to send you girlfriend requests and also whether civilization can monitor you in her Account Settings.

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Other questions?

If you are looking for an ext information or have questions details to your account, please call our Customer assistance team at info

We’re very excited to make an ext social and also even an ext fun. Stay tuned for much more updates!