There are some crazy principles out over there on exactly how to remove scratches top top DVDs. Bananas, peanut butter, dryer sheets, etc. As a mother and full-time sitter, I have learned the multiple children equal scratched DVD’s. I obtained to the suggest where it to be a fight just to discover a disc that would play all the means through. Just wiping the key clean no longer works on some of my worn DVDs. I started testing the various methods and found out what works and also what doesn’t. Here are 5 easy methods to deal with scratched DVDs.

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5 straightforward fixes for scratched DVDs that actually work.

Best Option: What Works!

1. The finest method, I found is to use is Disc Restorer. A product provided to help wipe out small scratches on your vehicle. My worst key played all the way through! 2. Brasso, made come remove build up indigenous brass objects, likewise works an extremely well! I would be skeptical to usage it on a regular basis as it is a harsh chemical. 3. Light! Stick your disc up to a irradiate bulb and also rotate close to the heat for approximately 30 seconds. Pole the heat DVD straight into the player. It works in a pinch, yet must be repetitive every time and will eventually create an ext permanent damages if overused. 4. Furniture Polish. I was surprised exactly how well a have the right to of Pledge can shine up an old DVD. 5. Jewelry polishing Cloth. This operated nicely ~ above the shallow scratches, but not the depth ones.


What sort of Works!

1. Window Cleaner. This walk a good job of cleaning the disc yet does not diminish the scratches. 2. Baby Wipes. Again a great cleaner, but scratches to be still there. 3. A banana. i was surprised at exactly how well it cleaned the disc yet did not mitigate the scratches. 4. Eye Glass Cleaner. Exact same result. The clean disc was the only outcome. 5. Baking Soda Toothpaste. An excellent Cleaner! The badly scratched discs quiet skipped.


Fails: What was A Bust!

1. Peanut Butter. This walk absolutely nothing, but frustrate me. Tough to get off fully and still no difference. 2. Scotch Tape. Supposedly, placing a item of ice on the optimal side the the disc, inside wall up v a scratch would mitigate the skipping. However, I experienced no distinction in any kind of disc on which ns tried this option.

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In the end, i did discover that some discs simply cannot be saved. Together a desperate effort, i took number of to my regional movie rental location and also they cleaned mine discs with a experienced machine. One worked after this cleansing, the other four were just as unusable. My youngsters used lock to produce a suncatcher.