How to calculate, calculate the amount of space.

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Evaluation that the volume of an are is often compelled in the production of construction and repair work. In most cases, the is required to clues the quantity of material, necessary to carry out repairs, and also for picking effective heating or air conditioning system. Quantitative characteristics, relenten space, usually, call for some an easy calculations and measurements.

1. The simplest case - when you want to recognize the volume the right rectangular or square form of the room. When making use of a tape measure up in meters length and also width of walls, and also the elevation of the room. The most convenient method to lug out measurements on the floor, follow me baseboards. Multiply the length of the numbers obtained, width, height and you gain the preferred amount.

2. If the room has an rarely often, rarely or facility shape, task is a bit more complicated. Divide the floor area a few simple numbers (rectangles, squares, semicircles, etc.) and calculate the area of ​​each that them, developing pre-measurement. Fold the values ​​obtained, summing area. Multiply the sum of the elevation of premises. The dimensions should be lugged out in the very same units, eg, in meters.

3. During construction works specifying the limit of the whole structure is characterized by the standards. The so-called building and construction volume of the ground part of the structure with an attic can be calculated, multiplying the horizontal cross-sectional area at the outer side in ~ the level of the reduced floor. Measure the total height of the structure from the finished floor level come the optimal of the attic floor insulation. Main point both values.

4. In the visibility of various floor areas total an are in the building, determine, add the quantity of all parts. Likewise determined volume, if the premises have different shape and also design.

5. Independently calculate the volume the verandas, only windows, vestibules and also other auxiliary elements constructions (except for the indoor and also outdoor balconies). Encompass this info in the complete volume the all building premises. Thus, you have the right to easily uncover the lot of any type of premises or building, calculations are quite simple, shot and be careful.

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