Once you have learned come hunt you"ll start to encounter dispersal wolves choose yourself, who have left their family members pack in search of a mate to start a new pack with. If you venture into various other packs" territories, you"ll meet wolves who will fiercely defend their region – and some that you might have the ability to persuade to leave their pack and also become her mate.

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Quest Summary

Find a prospective mate, socialize with them and also agree come a trial period, invest time acquiring to know each other and building affinity, decision if you desire to do a permanent bond. Head towards the gold star ~ above the map (upper right) and compass to progress to Slough Creek.

How to find a Mate

Locate Prospective Mates

You have the right to howl to lure interest of other wolves. Othe dispersals may likewise find you on their very own as friend go about your business. They travel alone or in little groups.

Some rival packs may have individuals who space interested in partnering. Lock are finest found in their territories. This is riskiest option due to the fact that their family members members room not friendly.


To sway a wolf to end up being your mate, try to increase their interest in friend by engaging in happy behavior. Part wolves might be eager, if others will certainly take more effort.

When you fulfill a prospective mate, show your attention by playbowing, wagging your tail, and other friendly actions. (Press the E crucial to open up the Emotes panel.) 



When courting, the NPC"s heart indicates their attention in you – it fills up with red as they choose you more. Be sure to give them time to respond. They will certainly react follow to their level of interest. You will likewise see hearts floating up when they favor what you room doing.


Fill increase the heart over your head to make and also make an initial bond. Once you have filled up the love of a dispersal, you have the right to agree come a attempt Period. (Any others will then lose interest.)

Trial Period

Now that you"ve made a an excellent impression top top a prospective mate, friend will desire to go searching together. That will let both of you see how strong and healthy the various other is, before making a final decision around becoming mates.

Hunt and socialize with each other for number of days, gradually enhancing your Affinity (the blue meter ~ above left sheet of your wolf badge). When it"s full, you have the right to decide whether to do this setup permanent.

The love on the wolf badge is her (prospective) mate"s wellness meter – that empties together their health and wellness drops. Your affinity through you (and later, the pack"s affinity) is suggested by the blue meter top top the left next of the wolf badge.


Make the Bond...or Not

I do! If you both agree, you room mates for life!

Hmm...too soon to know! friend can expand the trial period and invest some much more time together. The game will ask girlfriend again in ten minutes if girlfriend are all set to decide.

Go away! not a an excellent match? To finish the courtship with dispersal wolves, growl three times and also they will shed interest.

Complete the Quest and Progress come Slough Creek

There isn"t sufficient unclaimed room here in the Lamar valley for you and your brand-new mate to carve the end a territory. Take trip northwest to uncover unoccupied turf. Head towards the gold star on the map (upper right) and also on the compass, to progress to Slough Creek.



Dispersals travel alone or in small groups. Lock are usually 2-4 years old. Some opposite-sex dispersals may be interested in partnering through you, as suggested by their actions (and the heart over their head).

Same-sex dispersal wolves will show tiny interest however are not overtly hostile.

New Dispersals Every Game: Each new game features brand-new dispersal wolf to meet. They may have actually the very same name together one friend met before, but their stats, coats, and also personalities are created randomly because that each game.

Rival pack Wolves: the is also possible to woo a mate indigenous a competitor pack, but can take it time to discover a pack wolf who is interested in leave their family to sign up with up v you. Generally, rival wolves are fairly hostile. If girlfriend run into a rival wolf from one more pack that might be interested in partnering, lock will have a courtship heart above their head and will law in a familiar manner. Caution: they may be accompanied by hostile pack mates.

Personality: Some will be bold, ready to dash right into a hunting or a fight there is no hesitation. Others will be cautious, holding back until they feel more confident about their odds. Some will be energetic, moving around constantly, when others will certainly be rather lazy. And some will be quite social, rapid to start or respond to social actions and also emotes. Others will be loners, maintaining to themselves.

You can obtain clues around their personalities by spending time with them and watching just how they behave.


Wolf Names:

Your mate"s name: Once friend bond v a mate, you can rename them. To view their name: push N crucial or see pack StatsDispersal wolves and stranger wolves" names phone call you:pack surname (e.g. Hayden, Junction Butte, Cinnabar...),a number (like those assigned by scientists who examine Yellowstone wolves)gender (M=male and F=female).


Diversity: genetic diversity is shown by stars in dispersal"s details (displayed in the upper ideal of screen). To create healthy pups, higher diversity (more stars) is better. Diversity is impacted by numerous factors, which space calculated because that each prospective mate and then provided to generate that wolf"s diversity rating loved one to her wolf:

Relatedness: Neighboring fill dispersals might be an ext closely related to each other (and thus have actually lower diversity).



For far better or for Worse: her mate will stick by friend no matter what...even if girlfriend growl a lot. You and your girlfriend cannot injury each other.

Until fatality Do united state Part: selecting Mate Permadeath in video game Settings may result in the death of her mate. If lock die, you deserve to re-enter the courtship mode and also choose a new mate in Amethyst Mountain. In Slough Creek, you can find a brand-new mate if your mate is male, or if your mate is female and the pups have currently been born. If her mate is female and also dies before giving birth to pups, the video game will end. Note: you won"t have a trial duration when selecting a brand-new mate. There are fewer prospective mates in Slough Creek to choose from.


A wolf"s life is about one thing: happen on its genes to the next generation. All else, from searching elk come defending a territory, drives towards this solitary goal. You and also your mate survived the hazards of the wilderness long sufficient to satisfy each other, type a bond, and survive the winter. Currently you can shot to establish this goal. With pups of her own, you and your mate will become the reproduction pair (sometimes called "alphas") of her pack. Your survival — and the survive of your genetic code — will certainly be her responsibility. Also with every the threats you have confronted to reach this point, your actual struggle has only just begun.

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Once you have completed the uncover a mate quest, you are ready to progression to Slough Creek and do the develop Territory quest.