Now the you’ve been play paintball almost every weekend, it seems like there’s not as much force behind the paintballs together you traction the trigger. That’s since your pistol is gradually losing pressure and you need to refill it through your wait tank. But, what happens as soon as your wait tank unexpectedly runs out of push too?So, what space the ideal places to to fill a paintball tank? The ideal place is a sporting goods store or a paintball shop, which can fill her tank for simply a few dollars per 1,000 PSI. Girlfriend can likewise check out some scuba, welding, or fire extinguisher shops and also ask to use their CO2 tanks. If you have actually no various other options, you can use a scuba tank at house to refill.Before you just hit up your regional air tank and hope because that the best, you need to discover a small bit around your wait tank and what it does. Let’s walk over several of the straightforward guidelines for refilling her tank!If girlfriend don’t want to visit places and want to refill your paintball tanks in ~ home, climate you can obtain either a whole Air Tank & Fill terminal (Amazon link) – includes the north bottle. Or acquire yourself Paintball CO2 Fill terminal (Amazon link) – this is just the co2 valve and hose + connector, friend still need the co2 save somewhere. Yet first, make sure which sort of paintball tank you have actually (compressed waiting or co2).

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The finest Places come Fill her CO2 TankWhat you Looking ForWhy PSI Matters1. In ~ Your neighborhood Sporting products Store or Paintball agree Shop2. At Other neighborhood Miscellaneous Shops3. At Your very own HomeCan you fill a paintball tank in ~ a gas station?ConclusionRelated Links

You can even refill your paintball gun at residence if girlfriend have appropriate CO2 tanks with sufficient pressure.
Without sufficient air pressure, her paintball gun simply won’t fire the method it’s claimed to. Unfortunately, friend can’t just use any kind of old air tank or compressor to to fill up her tank to obtain you earlier in your game.There’s a specific type of tank the you’re feather for and also we’ll walk over it!Once girlfriend know exactly what to look for, we’re walk to walk over three that the ideal places to walk to refill your paintball tanks for a kind price. They’ll it is in ranked in order, so start at the peak of the list and work your method down if the an initial option(s) no reasonable because that you.

What she Looking For

There are two significant types that paintball air tanks: CO2 tanks and also compressed wait tanks. Let’s walk over the difference in between these two types of tanks first.CO2 Tanks. These tanks space the basic air tank and also most regularly used by the newbies. They’re much cheaper to buy and also refill and usually hold about 20 ounces the air. You have the right to refill these all over that yes sir a high-pressure waiting tank.Compressed waiting Tanks. These tanks are more because that the progressed paintball player looking to up his game and also generate more power behind every shot. They’re an extremely expensive to purchase and refill and can just really be refilled in ~ your local paintball agree shopIt’s important that you identify which form of tank you have before we start going over wherein you have the right to refill them.
Compressed waiting tanks are an ext expensive to refill than CO2 tanks.

Why PSI Matters

Not just any kind of air tank will have the ability to fill your paintball tank. That’s due to the fact that you need to think about the PSI of her air tank and the PSI of the tool you’re using to refill it.If her paintball tank has a PSI of 2,000, making use of a refill tool that just supplies up to 200 PSI i will not ~ fill your tank.So, it’s necessary that you find a refill station or pump that has a similar PSI to that of your air tank for her paintball gun.The best means to execute that is come go to legit shops and also stores that are built to refill tanks.

1. At Your regional Sporting goods Store or Paintball agree Shop

Your local sporting goods store or your local paintball agree shop should constantly be your go-to option as soon as it involves refilling her paintball tank. That’s since most of this stores have actually both compressed air and also CO2 refilling equipment.We found that stores choose Dick’s Sporting items offer refills up to 24 ounces because that CO2 tanks, i m sorry exceeds the average that 20 ounces for this kind of tank.If her paintball pistol is leaking CO2, then you deserve to either fix it at residence or take it to dedicated stores to deal with it. On top of that, you can likewise have your paintball gun, O-rings, and air tank inspected by the pros to make sure they’re working properly!Some of these stores additionally offer complimentary refills if you usage their services frequently enough, therefore it can be a great choice if friend play a ton of paintball and also are always seem to be refilling your tank.You’ll probably be spending a dollar or two for every 1,000 PSI you’re using to fill her tank. So, expect to pay somewhere about $5 every refill.

2. In ~ Other neighborhood Miscellaneous Shops

You deserve to refill a paintball tank at: 1. Regional sporting goods store 2. Scuba, welding, fire extinguisher shops… 3.At your own home, yet you require to have actually a appropriate fill terminal with at sufficient PSI. 200 PSI won’t refill her 2,000 PSI paintball tank.
If you have a compressed waiting tank and don’t live all the close to a sporting goods store or a paintball agree shop, don’t worry! There are plenty of other species of stores that deserve to refill your compressed air tank as well.Some of the much better options are scuba stores, fire extinguisher shops, welding shops, and also even oxygen it is provided stores. Many stores will certainly fill her tank as much as 3,000 PSI, i m sorry is a lot higher than most paintball tanks need.There’s additionally the choice to rent the end or purchase your own scuba tank. By act so, you deserve to use the scuba tank to refill your paintball gun’s wait tank as much as 20 times! This is perfect for a long day of playing or if girlfriend live far away from local shops.You can also look right into stores choose Walmart, which might have CO2 tanks that you have the right to use come refill your paintball waiting tank and also have them filled through an yes, really professional.

3. In ~ Your very own Home

Though no the best method, you have the right to actually refill your air tanks at your own house. But, you will do it only be able to do this if girlfriend have access to your very own scuba tank (or other high-pressure compressed air tanks).All you have to do is invest in a fill station to affix your waiting tank come the scuba tank. Just remember that, v this method, girlfriend will have to go back to the scuba shop periodically to refill the scuba tank as well, though having actually your very own tank to reduce the number of trips.
YouTube video clip on exactly how to fill your paintball CO2 tank in ~ home.Before girlfriend look at that tire pump in the corner of her garage that’s collecting dust, consider the lot of PSI that your paintball tank requires.Since many are in between 1,000 and 4,000 PSI, the 180 PSI of a tires pump won’t yes, really fill your air tank at all.

Can you fill a paintball tank at a gas station?

As basic as it would be to head come the local gas station and also use your air tank because that a short price (or even for free), it won’t work-related the method you meant it to.Think about the encourage PSI you’re utilizing to fill your tires to store them correctly inflated. Most car and also truck tires do simply fine with a PSI in between 30 and 35, though this tanks deserve to sometimes supply a PSI of 200.When your air tank support a PSI the at least 1,000, this air pumps at your neighborhood gas station won’t work-related the way you desire them to and will only be able to fill her air tank as much as 200 PSI.

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Refilling your paintball tank do not do it be that lot of hassle, however it often seems come be. The an excellent news is, there space plenty of places that you have the right to go come refill her tank for only a few dollars every 1,000 PSI. Below are few of the ideal places.Paintball agree shops or sporting items stores, i m sorry usually have both CO2 and also compressed wait refill equipmentScuba stores, which have compressed air refills and allow you to rent or to buy your own scuba tankAt home, wherein you’ll require your very own scuba tank and a fill station

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