Riolu was introduced in gen IV the Pokémon — as with its evolution, unusually! Here"s everything you have to know.

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There room very couple of Baby Pokémon that were introduced in the very same generation as an additional member of their evolutionary family. One of these is Riolu, which will certainly evolve into Lucario. Both were presented in Generation IV, v Lucario later on receiving a Mega evolution in Generation VI.

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as a fan-favorite Pokémon, numerous Sword and also Shield players will be looking come find and evolve a Riolu. It deserve to be caught in Giant"s cap in a blizzard, albeit through low odds the appearing. Here is just how you deserve to evolve that Riolu, plus a few more amazing things you might not have known around the Emanation Pokémon.

Like numerous Baby Pokémon, Riolu will certainly evolve as soon as leveled up through high sufficient friendship. However, there"s a catch. This development will only trigger during the day, for this reason make certain you"re not trying at night. There are numerous ways to level up her friendship v a Pokémon, including giving it a soothing Bell come hold, catching it in a Friend ball or luxury Ball, and also much more.

If you don"t feel prefer going through the occupational to evolve a Riolu, Lucario can additionally be recorded in the wild in rarely instances, or discovered in Max Raid Battles.

Riolu has a few different abilities, consisting of Steadfast and also Inner Focus, which are actually almost-useless in the secret Dungeon series when combined. Because of the fact that Pokémon have actually both ability in the secret Dungeon games, Riolu"s an additional ability will cancel the end its first.

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Steadfast is an capacity that increases Riolu"s rate by one point when flinched. But, its second ability, within Focus, avoids it native flinching. Inner focus will then prevent Steadfast from ever before triggering uneven Riolu is fighting an enemy with Mold Breaker or becomes cross-eyed.

plenty of Pokémon, particularly Babies, will have huge stat rises when castle evolve, especially in certain stats. Riolu is a good example that this, together its special strike stats substantially increases once it becomes a Lucario.

Riolu"s base special assault stat is 35, i m sorry is paltry. However, Lucario"s basic special assault is a an excellent 115. This is a large increase ~ above evolution, taking Riolu from being feisty yet terrible to a an effective and intimidating battler. It"ll come in handy because that its signature move, Aura Sphere.

speaking of Aura Sphere, it"s recognized for gift Lucario"s signature move and also is heavily associated with Lucario"s lore and design. Many world don"t realize the Riolu won"t actually have the ability to learn this unique move before evolving.

However, there space some Riolu floating about out over there that know this move. Influenced by the Aura ball Riolu native the anime, Kyle"s Riolu deserve to be uncovered in the Pokémon Ranger series. If a player records this one-of-a-kind Riolu in the Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia game, they can then move it come the Generation IV games.

according to lore and also the Pokédex entries because that Riolu, it has an insane level that stamina. It"s stated that that is a little but very powerful creature, through the ability to operation for a an extremely long time. Apparently, Riolu can run usually non-stop through the night, cresting three mountains and crossing two canyons in a solitary night.

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The Pokédex claims that this small guy is tough and hardworking, and also that has actually exceedingly bountiful level of energy. That humorously to add that taking it for a walk deserve to be "challenging."

If you"re training Riolu to use as a permanent enhancement to your Pokémon team, you"ll need to make one adjustment ~ evolving the in terms of kind matchups. Riolu has fully different weaknesses than its development Lucario, many thanks to the enhancement of the Steel-type as it evolves.

Riolu is weak to Psychic, Flying, and also Fairy. Lucario is no weak to any kind of of these species and is rather weak to Fire, Ground, and also Fighting. It"s exciting that it completely swaps weaknesses, having none in typical with its evolution.

there is a legendary pantheon in the human being of Starter Pokémon. The three Grass, Fire, and Water starters of every generation, plus part one-off starters choose Espeon, Umbreon, and Pikachu. But, did you know that Riolu has actually to be a starter Pokémon, too?

In the Pokémon an enig Dungeon series, particularly Explorers the Sky, Riolu is obtainable as a new starter Pokémon together Shinx, Phanpy, and also Vulpix. Granted, it is a side game, but it"s tho cool to view such a an excellent and loveable Pokémon obtainable from the begin of a video game in some capacity.

There have been a ton of baby Pokémon presented over the years, and a ton of Mega Evolutions (though not enough, as countless believe). What you might not have noticed is the Riolu is the just Baby Pokémon the is component of one evolutionary family members with a Mega Evolution.

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The thin stat difference between Riolu (base stat total: 285) and Mega Lucario (base stat total: 625) is staggering, and one of the sheerest jumps indigenous the an initial stage to last stage.

As presented in the Pokédex, Riolu is a tough Pokémon with a ton of stamina. However, it also has a softer side. Riolu"s Pokédex entires state the it can see emotions in the kind of aura. Many Riolu are qualified of connecting with one one more through this aura, and they have the right to see "waves" of emotions create from humans and also other Pokémon.

It can use this strength to protect against dangerous foes, gift able to read their vibe through their aura. Maybe this is why it"s dubbed the Emanation Pokémon.

There room very few Pokémon that deserve to boast being obtainable in every regional Pokédex, specifically considering so plenty of of castle were cut during the Dexit scandal that plagues Sword and also Shield.

However, Riolu and also Lucario are several of the happy Pokémon the can claim this status, being available in every local "dex due to the fact that their debut in the Sinnoh region. It share this status with just a couple of other families. The various other Sinnoh occupants that fulfill these criteria space the Drifloon line, Mantyke, Weavile, and also Leafeon and Glaceon.

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