Porygon2 is the second iteration that the Normal-type online Pokemon, Porygon, however how precisely do you acquire Porygon2 in Pokemon Go? What extra item perform you need?

Fortunately, this is both a quite easy evolution for me come summarise, and also for you to pull off, therefore let’s acquire into the details.

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How to gain Porygon2 in Pokemon Go

Porygon2 is about as straightforward as article evolutions in Pokemon walk get, really. You’ll need a Porygon to start from, and also the usual need of 25 candies for any very first stage advancement in a 3-family Pokemon set.

That’ll median you need to catch approximately 5 come 9 Porygon, depending upon if you use Pinap berries or not. You could, the course, speed that procedure up making use of rare candy, yet I’d really recommend conserving those for legendary Pokemon or the like, to it is in honest.

Next up, you’ll require an Upgrade, therefore let’s talk around those.

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I’ve talked much more about the upgrade item in the linked post above, despite realistically there wasn’t a lot of to talk about. Upgrades are exclusively used come evolve Porygon right into Porygon2, so uneven you’re holding the end for a much better Porygon to evolve, there yes, really isn’t a factor to hang on to them.

If you don’t have any kind of Upgrades in Pokemon go to evolve her Porygon right into Porygon2, you gain a possibility to discover one every single time you spin a Pokestop, get your seventh-day spin streak reward, or together a price from study tasks and potentially native gifts.

All that these different sources can develop up and also if you do these things regularly, you’ll probably have actually a few of them by the time you require them anyway.

With that in mind, evolving Porygon into Porygon2 is one of, if not the pure easiest, of all the item evolutions.

Is there anything else to know?

There really aren’t other choices to usage an upgrade so uneven you’re debating i m sorry Porygon to usage Upgrades on, you’re ideal off simply hitting the evolve button right away and getting the short animation over through already.

There aren’t any other Pokemon to hang on come them for, therefore it yes, really does come down to merely which Porygon to evolve.

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That’s around everything that needs to be stated for how to get Porygon2 in Pokemon Go, really. If you’re looking for an ext Pokemon walk content like this overview or various other news and stories, girlfriend can discover them in our Pokemon go Category, and if you’d instead like to see more by me specifically, friend can uncover my page here.