In the initial Pokemon games, over there were several Pokemon that required a profession to evolve. Examples are Machoke (to Machamp), Haunter (to Gengar) or Boldore (to Gigalith). Niantic mimicked this plot by reducing the candy price to zero come evolve particular Pokemon come their last evolution. In the initial games, that requried girlfriend to trade Boldore. Trading Roggenrola (the very first in the evolution line) would certainly not evolve anything. How does this work in Pokemon Go, and also which Pokemon room affected?

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In Pokemon Go, the is a bit different implemented than the original series. I traded a Roggenrola v a girlfriend (so no a Boldore), evolved the Roggenrola myself, and also then progressed it easily to Gigalith. Therefore you execute not have to trade the kind that gets the cost-free evolution. It does not matter if you profession the Roggenrola or Boldore, both acquire a candy-free Boldore -> Gigalith evolve.

A perform of the existing Pokemon that have this totally free evolve ~ a trade are:

Kadabra Machoke Haunter Graveler Boldore Gurdurr Shelmet Karrablast

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