Today us will show you a an extremely simple means to do a 3-dimensional Star that David or 6-pointed star. This kind of star is likewise called a nautical star. Follow the upcoming step-by-step directions and you will be able to draw it conveniently in the future.

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How to draw 6-sided Nautical Stars with simple Step by Step drawing Tutorial

Step 1


(A) draw a circle either with a compass, through tracing a cup, or simply freehand. Save the legs of the compass at the same distance apart as they were once you attracted the circle. This street is the radius that the circle.

(B) This distance, the radius, will go about the circle 6 time as watched in photo B. You will then have 6 marks on her circle…each equal distance apart.

Step 2


Now draw a triangle native the optimal dot to the 2 bottom-side dots. You need to do this v a ruler or a straight-edged object.

Step 3


Now attract an upside down triangle v the remaining dots. Friend now have a ‘Star that David’ or a ‘6-sided star’.

Step 4


Now erase every little thing other than the synopsis of the star. Then draw a line, through a ruler, native the peak to the bottom the the star. Then attract a line from the next of the star come the various other side of the star. Then attract 2 ‘x’ shaped diagonal lines come the remaining corners the the star…as seen in the snapshot above.

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Step 5


You have the right to now include shadows to every other triangle by coloring these ones in black.


Finished Drawing


I hope that this tutorial helped you to attract 6-sided Nautical Stars and also that you had a lot of fun