iFunny is pretty much like social media platform other than built about memes. Users can upload their content, discuss other’s content, re-publishing it and even have actually friends i beg your pardon are dubbed subscribers top top the platform.

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The communication has often been the butt of a bunch of net jokes for rather sometime now but if provided in a rather managed manner, the platform can be fairly fun actually.

However, must you ever before decide to leave the platform, here’s exactly how to delete your iFunny account.

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Deleting your iFunny account

Well for part reason, there’s no way to delete her iFunny account from one of two people the Android or iOS application or even the website. If you desire your account and data removed, you’re going to have to email the iFunny support team.

Note that once you’ve sent out the email, you have to wait for at the very least two to three business days prior to your account is deleted. The email you send also needs come have details relevant information that proves come the support team the the account up because that deletion actually belongs come you.

You can framework your email around these points.

The subject can be ‘Account Deletion’ or ‘Request for Account Deletion’.The body of the email needs to contain the reason for deletion, her registered email resolve and any type of other call information you could want come add.

You could write an e-mail something follow me these lines.


Subject: Request for Account Deletion.


To the iFunny assistance Team,

I to be a registered user the the iFunny app and would choose to put in a inquiry to delete mine account owing to personal reasons. Please uncover my straightforward credentials below.

Name: Username: Registered email address: Phone number:

Thank you

Alternative: permit Safe Mode 

Alternatively, instead of deleting your account, friend can allow safe mode to protect yourself from spammers.

Open the app and also tap ~ above thedrop-down arrowhead next toFeaturedin the peak left.Tap onProfile.Tap top top the settings icon in the peak right.
Tap onSettingsfrom the choices menu.Tap onPrivacy.

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In theWho have the right to chat with meoption, collection your forced preference.

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