In geometry, construction is the procedure of illustration a figure, shape, or many different species of angles. We attract such shapes using geometrical tools like a compass, protractor, a ruler. While building angles we use a compass to attract arcs and a leader to draw line segments and measure your lengths. We can draw an edge of 60 levels using either of the 2 geometrical tools, a protractor or a compass. In this mini-lesson, we will certainly learn just how to construct an angle of 60 degrees using a protractor and also a compass in detail.

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1.Constructing 60-Degree Angle using a Protractor
2.Constructing 60-Degree Angle using a Compass
3.Solved examples on creating An edge of 60 Degrees
4.Practice concerns on building An angle of 60 Degrees
5.FAQs on building An edge of 60 Degrees

Constructing 60-Degree Angle using a Protractor

Construction the angles v the aid of a protractor is a an extremely easy method. A protractor is a geometrical device that deserve to be offered to measure and draw angles. Let us explore the procedures which tell us about constructing an edge of 60-degrees with the assist of a protractor.

Read the provided steps and shot it urself.

Step 2: Now mark the center of the line segment as O.Step 3: take a protractor and also place the protractor in ~ point O.Step 4: currently look for 60 degrees edge in the protractor (at the outer circle of the protractor), mark a dot, and name it C.Step 5: Now sign up with the point out O and C.Step 6: after ~ joining the lines we will have actually ∠AOC = 60°.

Observe the given image of building an angle of 60 degrees using a protractor.


Note- 60 levels angle is an acute angle, i.e., less than 90 degrees.

Constructing 60-Degree Angle using a Compass

Construction that angles with the aid of a compass is slightly an overwhelming as compared to building and construction with the assist of a protractor. A compass is a geometrical tool provided to draw arcs and circles. Allow us discover the actions which tell us around constructing an edge of 60-degrees v the help of a compass.

Suppose that you have a heat L and also some suggest A ~ above L just like shown in the figure.


Now allow us shot to you construct a ray (or line) with A i m sorry is inclined at 60° come L.


Step 2: Now, taking B as center and ab as radius, draw another arc that intersects the first arc at C:



Step 3: attract a ray (or line) v A and also C. This will be inclined at 60° come L:


Here, abdominal muscle = AC, since these are radii the the same circular arc. Also, BC = BA, because these too are radii the the same (second) one arc. Thus, abdominal muscle = BC = AC. This method that triangle ABC is equilateral, and also so, angle BAC = 60°.Note that by bisecting an edge of 60°, we can build an angle of 30°, and also further by bisecting an edge of 30° we deserve to construct an angle of 15°.

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Example 1: construct a 60-degree angle v the help of a compass and bisect it.

Solution: To Construct a 60-degree angle through the assist of a compass we need to follow the given listed below steps.

Step 1: Draw a heat segment PQ of any type of measurement.Step 2: With the help of compass construct ∠GPQ = 60°. From point P, attract an arc ~ above PQ. Surname it E. Now, acquisition E as center and also PE as radius, draw an additional arc the intersects the very first arc at F. Draw a beam (or line) with P and F which is inclined in ~ 60°.Step 3: Bisect ∠GPQ with the assist of the compass, take any type of radius which meets line PQ and PG at clues E and F.Step 4: Now, v the compass take a radius an ext than EF and also draw one arc each from suggest E and also F respectively. Step 5: The intersection of both arcs at allude L is presented in the image. Proceed PL toward J. Step 6: The obtained angle ∠JPQ is the bisector that ∠GPQ.

∠GPQ = 60° and ∠JPQ = 30°.

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Example 2: How numerous 60-degree angles room there in a straight angle?

Solution: We know that,Measurement the a finish angle = 360°.Measurement that a straight angle = 180°.Now to find the variety of 60-degree angle in a directly angle we will divide 180 levels by 60 degrees.180 ÷ 60 = 3.Therefore, there room a total of three 60-degree angles in a straight angle.