There are several various ways to connect your PS3 console to your laptop. If you space looking come share your videos, pictures, music, or other documents then over there are different routes you can take. I am walk to talk about ones that have functioned for me flawlessly in the past. Friend may additionally connect her controller and collection up your computer system as a media server for your gaming console, both of i m sorry are questioned in information below.

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Connect the PS3 to her Laptop via WiFi/WLAN


Usually, the newer models of the playstations 3 have a way to affix to your WiFi. If this is not the case, i will also explain how you can affix the PS3 come the PC and also use the LAN connection for this. We likewise have a new article which defines how come play ps4 ~ above laptop.

Go to setups in the PS3 menu and scroll under to Network Settings. Walk to Internet link settings and choose her wireless router indigenous the perform of accessible connections. If a connection is not coming up, girlfriend can additionally scan for existing networks or enter the SSID (Service collection Identifier) of your router manually (find out the SSID – this is how it works). Choose the ideal encryption and also enter the key.

If the router is secure, you will need to go into your password. Her internet connection in the perform of network settings will say “Enabled” once you space connected. You will obtain the IP address, DNS settings and MTU value automatically. This step eliminates DHCP hold names and also proxy servers and activates UPnP (Universal Plug and Play).

Connect the PS3 to your Laptop via LAN

Make certain the PC and PlayStation 3 are connected to your router via the Ethernet cable. If the is a newer router, the should instantly recognize the PS3 via DHCP (Dynamic organize Configuration Protocol), add it to the network and also assign one IP address. If this walk not happen automatically, use the network wizard come find brand-new devices and include the PS3.

Connect the PS3 Controller to your Laptop


If you have a PS3 controller and want come play gamings on her PC, you do not need to buy any additional accessories. Girlfriend can conveniently use the PS3 controller for gaming top top the PC. All the is essential is some additional software (ScpToolkit driver) that provides the controller compatible through your Windows, a USB port, and also a USB cable that goes right into the controller ~ above one end and your laptop top top the other.

First, unplug the PS3 controller native the PlayStation and turn that on by pressing the PS button in the center. Plug in the USB cable, since the controller is not sustained automatically, Windows will certainly not download the motorists by itself, you will need to install castle manually. Open the ScpToolkit website to download the device for free. Once the surroundings is finished, begin the “ScpToolkit Driver Installer” program. Inspect the box alongside “Select DualShock 3 controller because that installation”. You deserve to uncheck “Install DualShock 4 Controller” if you do not desire to install a PS4 controller together well. Activate “Wireless Controller” and finally click on “Install” in the reduced right corner.

There you go! currently your controller is walking to job-related on your computer as well.

Set up your Laptop as a media server for the PS3

For your computer to offer as a media server for the game stations 3, you will require the latest windows Media Player on the computer. The PlayStation must be switched on and also connected come the network.

Selected in the food selection “streaming” option enable media streaming, click the checkmark following to allow devices to play media automatically. Currently Switch to her PlayStation 3, under Settings, go to Network setups and permit the connection to the media server. Under the separation, personal, instance media offers photo, video, and music, click on search media server. The documents must be on your computer system in the particular libraries.

Now you deserve to stream the data native the media player to your PS3 when the pc is running. No all formats are obtainable so you may have to do part conversions.

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Set increase the PS3 correctly

In enhancement to the exactly connection, girlfriend should additionally consider the position of the PS3. For example, that is an especially important that there is some complimentary space about the PS3 so the the console deserve to be adequately ventilated and does not obtain too hot. In addition, it need to not be tilted or moved during operation so that your games can operation properly.