How to adjust your FPL name

In this article, you’ll learn exactly how to readjust your FPL team name.

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The good news is, the Fantasy Premier League game have make this process incredibly simple.

Here are the step-by-step instructions.


FPL: transforming your team name

– friend can adjust your FPL team surname on the team details page.

– Make sure you are logged in come the Fantasy Premier league website.

– each team name deserve to be a preferably of 20 characters.

– After typing in your brand-new team name, fight ‘Update Details’.


Warning: Don’t choose an attack FPL team name

When choosing or changing your FPL team name, it’s crucial to prevent anything offensive.

Please think carefully before entering your team name. Teams with names that are reputed inappropriate or attack may result in your account being deleted.


How come report an attack FPL team name

If you come throughout an offensive FPL team name, you deserve to reach out to the game’s administrators.

Fill in the ‘contact us’ field, here.

If you spot a surname you discover inappropriate or offensive then you re welcome let us know by reporting the manager name and also the team or organization name. Her details will certainly not be mutual with anyone.

We will certainly look into the report and also take immediate and also appropriate action.

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