Dragon Story is fun that you deserve to have various methods of reproduction various dragons in the game. In this complete reproduction guide, we will go over the most common and effective reproduction combos in Dragon Story. You carry out not need to know every solitary breeding rule, but just the many useful and also common ones because that you to get the Dragon Story dragon the you want. This Dragon Story breeding guide will certainly do simply that for you. If you have discovered it helpful, take a look in ~ our other Dragon Story travel guide to see if lock can help you too!

This overview offers a an easy walkthrough to assist you navigate can be otherwise complicated dragon story breeding combinations. We do not give you fluff, but straightforward and easy to follow breeding guides and tutorials. Girlfriend will be able to get every one of the breedable dragon Story dragons other than the restricted ones the are provided through special occasions or promotions.

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It need to be detailed that even though a particular breeding combination is listed here for Dragon Story. Over there is constantly a possibility that you will certainly not have the ability to get the wanted reproduction results. Yous imply need to breed her Dragon Story dragon a pair more time to acquire the essential bred offspring dragon. If you carry out not breed the dragon you want, just keep top top trying until you properly breed one.

Dragon Story specify name Scheme

Before the guide, us will give you an calculation on the miscellaneous odds of dragon each other in Dragon Story. Your levels, elements, and orders the the dragon does no make a difference in its breeding results. However, the much more rare dragon are, well, harder to breed due to the fact that they are much more rare. Listed below is our denotations on how rarity functions in ours Dragon Story breeding help.

Common = NoneRare = ()Super rarely = (*)Ultra rare = (**)Limited = ($)

Basic Dragon Story Dragons reproduction Block

There space 5 straightforward element the dragons right now in Dragon Story. Girlfriend will begin with this dragons to build them right into future an ext advanced dragons with the breeding formulas. V different combination and mutations, they will certainly breed into the plenty of dragon variables in Dragon Story.


Generation 1 Dragon Story breeding Dragons

Below space the different breeding combinations for Dragon Story generation 1 dragons. Please keep in mind that girlfriend can gain a breeding result of common and also rare breeds. The rare breeds are provided in () to note that friend may have actually harder time to gain them. The Super rare dragon story breed will have the * to their name.

With this, you will have the ability to tell the best method to obtain the common, rare, and super rarely dragon breeding combination results. The base dragon as soon as breed v its own element, will certainly reproduce itself only. For example: Fire + Fire = Fire.

The limited dragons are noted with the $ sign to show it’s limit.

Fire Generation 1 BreedingFire + woodland = Life (Wild/Forestfire*/Landworm*)Fire + air = Firestorm (Eagle/Honeybee*/Scorpion*)Fire + Water = (Magic/Athletic)Fire + irradiate = Love (Laserlight/Tusker*)

Forest Generation 1 BreedingsForest + Fire = Life (Wild/Forestfire*/Landworm*)Forest + air = Fruitful (Fairy/Parakeet*)Forest + Water = Island (Serpent/Atlantis*/Mermaid*)Forest + irradiate = Fuzzy (Pegasus)

Air Generation 1 combination for BreedingAir + Fire = Firestorm (Eagle/Honeybee*/Scorpion*)Air + woodland = Fruitful (Fairy/Parakeet*)Air + Water = Mist (Mindvolt/Clown*/Seabreeze*)Air + light = Sunrise (Griffin)

Water Generation 1 Dragon Story BreedWater + Fire = (Magic/Athletic)Water + forest = Island (Serpent/Atlantis*/Mermaid*)Water + wait = Mist (Mindvolt/Clown*/Seabreeze*)Water + light = Winter (Ice Cream/Dream*)

Light Dragon breeding for Dragon Story Generation 1Light + Fire = Love (Laserlight/Tusker*)Light + forest = Fuzzy (Pegasus)Light + wait = Sunrise (Griffin)Light + Water = Winter (Ice Cream/Dream*)

Dragon Story breeding Generation 2 – Magic and also Virtue (Pink)

In this stage, friend can develop the Magic and Pink Virtue dragons with the 2 opposing aspects in generation 1. The breeding formula are:Magic: Water + FirePink: Virtue Dragon = irradiate + Fire

Dragon Story Generation 3 reproduction – Magic and also Pink Combinations

With the Magic Dragon produced before, girlfriend can integrate them into generation 3 dragons that are completely different indigenous the ahead Dragon breeds.

Magic Generation 3 Dragon Story breeding FormulaMagic + Fire = Charm (Titan/Planet*)Magic + woodland = toxicity (Familiar/Witch$)Magic + wait = Genie (Trickster)Magic + Water = Coral (Wizard/Aether*/Mistmoth*)Magic + light = luck (Hypnotic)Magic + Virtue = Origami

Virtue Pink Generation 3 Dragon Story breeding FormulaVirtue + Fire = JusticeVirtue + woodland = FlowerVirtue + air = KiteVirtue + Water = BubbleVirtue + light = TinyVirtue + Magic = Origami

Generation 4 rare Dragon Story reproduction – The Diamond/Infinity Element

With the previous aspects of dragon breeds introduced right into Dragon Story, girlfriend will have the ability to breed Diamond or Infinity dragons. These two dragons are two ultra rarely breeds that deserve to be breeded as long as you have actually all 4 different elements in the parents. Thus, there space many reproduction combinations that are feasible to produce the Diamond or Infinity Dragon. We will certainly name a few here to make your life easier.

Coral (Magic+Water) + Love (Light+Fire)Sunrise (Light+Air) + Life (Fire+Forest)

So you have actually an idea on just how to each other the ultra rare Dragon Story Diamond and Infinity dragons.

Generation 5 Ultra rarely Ranked Dragon Story dragon Breed

After friend have derived the Dragon Story’s Ultra rare Diamond and Infinity breeds, you can use them to create the following generation that ultra rare.

Note you deserve to breed the generation 5 ultra rare also if you use a hybrid. For instance a Diamond + Life (Fire+Forest) has chances of making both Crusader and Quetzal. However, if you use the pure element, you will have higher odds of gaining the Generation 5 relatively. This way that when you execute not have any of the generation 5 dragon story dragons, usage hybrid to rise your odds at getting any. But once you achieve 1, start using non hybrids to increase the loved one odds of reproduction the one dragon that you need.

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Dragon Story Diamond and also Infinity Dragon each other CombosDiamond/Infinity + Fire = Fire (Crusader**)Diamond/Infinity + woodland = woodland (Quetzal**)Diamond/Infinity + waiting = wait (Gold**)Diamond/Infinity + Water = Water (Mercury**)Diamond/Infinity + Magic = MagicDiamond/Infinity + irradiate = light (Angel**)

Spell make Dragon Story Dragons

Team Lava has just released a new feature that allows you to get rid of your extra dragons. You have the right to then usage these products to “trade” or “craft” for added dragons. At the minute there are two distinct craft dragons:

Ruby and also Emerald

You can learn an ext about the Dragon Story Trading and Spell crafting.

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