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I know that I love to pee myself...during the day. I haven"t had a bed wetting accident in a few years, but the last time I did I woke up while I was peeing and stopped myself. I should"ve let myself keep wetting.

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So I"ve been wondering for quite some time now how it feels to have a full wetting without waking up. Everytime I think about it, it makes me want to try it more and more. But would I want to be fully incontinent, or just sometimes, or not at all?

Created by: Allison

Have you ever wet yourself on purpose (bed, pants, diaper, etc.)? Yes No No, but I want to try it Yes, and it wasn"t my thing No, and I don"t intend to Yes, many times and in multiple ways!Have you ever wet yourself on accident? No Yes Yeah, I"m so embarassed No, but I kinda hope I do at some pointIf you wet the bed tonight, what would your reaction be? Meh, it happens to everyone sometimes I hate wetting the bed.. So excited, wish it would happen more! Mildly excited to know what it feels likeWould you rather wet the bed on accident or on purpose? Accident Purpose Both sound fantastic to me Neither I"m not sure..How did you feel the last time you wet the bed on accident? Nervous because I liked it Uncomfortable Wish it never happened I don"t remember So great, I remember wishing it would happen again Really goodHow did you feel the last time you wet the bed on purpose? I haven"t done it on purpose So freeing - wishing it was an accident Kind of weirded out that I even tried it Ashamed It was nice, might do it againHow would you rather wet the bed? Diaper Doesn"t matter how, as long as I"m wetting No protection I don"t want to wet the bed Diaper, mattress protector, plastic pants..every kind of protectionOpinions on hypnosis to become a bedwetter..? I"ve already done it! I would love to do that! That"s weird, but I"m kind of curious.. That"s weird, and I would never do that I didn"t know that was a thing I wouldn"t object to trying it..If you were completely incontinent at night, how would you feel? Not so sure I would want that I wouldn"t mind That sounds amazing No way, I want full control Unsure, but I wouldn"t mind having more accidents than I am now Excited because I get to wet the bed on accident, but scared It would be cool to be a bedwetter for awhile and then grow out of itHow often would you like to wet the bed? Never Once every few months At least once a month Maybe once or twice a week 3-5 times a week Every nightSince we are so trained to not wet the bed, it"s become very difficult for adults to purposely wet their bed unknowingly while they sleep. How many times have you tried to unknowingly wet in your sleep (not peeing before bed, drinking a lot before bed, etc.)? More times than I can keep track of A few times with no luck A few times with some success I haven"t attempted it Once or twice Never, but I want to really badlyWould you rather wet the bed a small amount, or a full on wetting, soaking through the mattress and sheets Small amount No amount A decent amount As much as possibleHow would you feel if you were sharing a bed with someone and you had an accident? Extremely embarassed and ashamed Embarrassed and sorry, but it is what it is Embarrassed, but excited because I wet the bed I just love that I had a real accident I would never want to face that person againWhether you had an accident or did it on purpose, would you change the sheets and dry out the mattress as soon as possible? Yeah, only because I don"t want it to smell Yeah, I don"t like being wet all night Nope, I like the way it feels Absolutely. I only want to be dry Maybe not right awayHave you ever been on diaper punishment for wetting the bed? No Yes No, but I"ve always wanted to Yes and I HATE it Yes, and I want it againIf I dared you to drink a lot of water a few hours before bed, not to go to the bathroom before bed, take a couple night sleep aids to keep you asleep, would you take the dare? I would like to, but no In a heartbeat I"ll think about it Yeah, because I really want to wet on accidentHow often do you think to yourself, "I really want to wet the bed tonight"? Every. Single. Night. Not often Never More often than I"d like to A few times a monthIf you were sleeping and woke up while you were wetting, what would you do? Stop myself immediately and keep sleeping Let it out completely, and be happy about it Let a little more out, but not all Stop and change the sheets right away Let it out completely, then feel embarrassed laterIf someone forced you to wet the bed everynight until you because a full time bed wetter, how would you feel? I definitely wouldnt try that Happy that I don"t have to hide it Wonder why I"m being told to but do it anyway Extremely sad I"m being forced into something

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Want to be a Bedwetter?

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