A malfunctioning time maker has messed up history! the your task to go earlier in time and set things ideal in this online virtual world. Since if girlfriend don’t, that knows what the future will certainly hold?

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Becoming Tangled through Time

When you land top top Time Tangled Island, go to her right, into the lab. Speak to the mrs there to acquire a printout. This printout will offer you background expertise on those going on, if you desire to read it. Anyway, walk down and also push the plug come activate the machine. Now, the course, walk right into the future machine! when you obtain there but it looks pretty bad… Walk come the left and also talk come the old version of yourself to figure out what the heck is walk on and also to gain a cool time take trip device. There is a sign you can also read.


1953 AD part 1

Use the time travel an equipment to take trip to mount Everest, 1953. The time period is the man with goggles and blue hood.

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Just keep travel on the path, increase the mountain. Cautious not to fall! If you speak to the two men that room halfway up, one of them lost their goggles (that’s why they quit hiking) acknowledge them native history?