After following the guide you will know how to add any tune to guitar Hero because that the PC. This is the fastest and easiest method. This method covers all chart species including songs with GH3+ enabled modifications, like tapping sections.

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1 – Setup the latest version of GHTCP+

2 – Download a custom song

3 – use GHTCP to include a song

4 – playing the song

Guitar Hero update – variation 1.3

Guitar Hero Three control Panel

Update etc Hero 3 pc to version 1.3 prior to installing etc Hero Three regulate Panel (GHTCP). The version of GHTCP provided allows for easy importing the charts through GH3+ modifications, choose tapping sections and also charts with over 4000 notes. After installing GHTCP, open the program and refer come the image listed below for the initial set-up.


1. Select file > open video game settings

2. Select your language

3. Select Yes

Note: utilizing Guitar Hero Three control Panel will corrupt your save video game file. If you have actually previous high scores friend can ago up your save game paper which is situated in Documents/Aspyr/Guitar Hero III/Save (optional)


For your convenience and for this tutorial, you have the right to download the renowned custom song “Black Hole” here.

Black hole – through Schmutz06

Download an ext Guitar Hero tradition Songs from the practice Songs database.


What are these files?

These are the music and chart papers to add to the game.

song.ini – track information record for step shift/frets ~ above fire.ogg document – audio.chart paper – note chart.mid paper – note chart for phase shift/frets top top fire

Note: HOPO HOPO is a specify name structure used by part charters. It shows whether or no a chart functions forced hammer-on and pull-off notes. Charts which function GH3+ hacks prefer tapping sections will display as normal .chart files and also can be added using GHTCP, just like regular charts

It is best to begin by creating a new setlist and a tier before including Guitar Hero practice Songs. To do that, press the “Create Setlist” button in GHTCP. You require to enter a title because that the setlist and also the tier. From there click “apply tier changes” and “apply setlist changes”. You have the right to then start dragging song from the tune list over to the tier songs list. Once you have included songs, push the “=” switch next to default unlocked songs, therefore that they space unlocked and also accessible.

Note: try to no exceed roughly 95 songs every setlist, it have the right to crash the game


Adding a song

I’m utilizing the custom track “Black Hole” in this example. The steps listed below go into detail on the screenshot shown. Describe them if you desire to know an ext about the various features in GHTCP. 


1. Add > New Song (shortcut alt+n)

2. Tune Data. get in the song name first, without any type of spaces. This is the surname which GHTCP uses, not how it will appear in the game. Click the “…” to add the audio and also chart files. “Audio Type” relates come how countless audio monitor you have. A solitary Track is standard. Usage the .ogg paper for the guitar Track and the .chart document for the chart. Using various other audio paper formats, favor .mp3 can cause audio sync problems.

3. Song Properties space auto populated, it isn’t required to readjust these settings. Girlfriend can include a year (add one space before start the year). The hammer-on value have the right to be changed to make regular charts every strum notes, or all hammer-on notes. The offset have the right to be changed to resolve audio sync issues, for part songs. As soon as you click “apply” the tune will be added to your song list.

4. Drag the newly included song indigenous the song list come the tier song list. Be certain to press the “=” button next to “default unlocked songs”. This will certainly ensure the the song is unlocked as soon as you load the game. Choose file and then “execute actions” (shortcut ctrl+alt+s). Pick yes come confirm.

5. The execute actions crate will show the progress. You have the right to add an ext than one song at a time.

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It will certainly take longer depending on how many songs you are adding.