Date the BirthFebruary 18, 1957
Age64 year 7 months 2 days
Day of BirthMonday
Place of BirthNorth Myrtle Beach, southern Carolina, U.S.

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Zodiac SignAquarius
ProfessionsTV hold , version , Actress
Other Names Vanna Marie point of view , Vanna Marie Rosich


Vanna White is an American TV hostess, film actress. She is well-known for hosting the game display Wheel of Fortune. She has been linked with the present for 4 years now (from 1980-).

Vanna White was born Vanna Marie Rosich, top top 18th February 1957 in Conway, south Carolin together the daughter that Joan Marie and also Miguel point of view Rosich. Her parents were divorced when she was an infant, and White thrived up to take the name of she stepfather, Herbert Stackley White Jr., a former real estate broker.

She relocated to Los Angeles in 1979 for she career in acting, she mother died of Ovarian cancer shortly after.


Image: Vanna White Children


Atlanta school of Fashion and Design: ~ the High institution Vanna attended the institution of fashion (located in ~ 1627 Ptree St Ne Atlanta, GA 30309-2400), she functioned as a version after her courseHigh school cheerleader: She to be a cheerleader in high school. <2>

Marriage & Relationships

Vanna White & man Gibson

White dated Chippendales star john Gibson in the 1980s and also they at some point got engaged. In 1986, Gibson was eliminated in a aircraft crash.

Vanna White & George Santo Pietro

White bound knots through restaurant owner George Santo Pietro in December 1990. White very first became pregnant in September 1992, (Her pregnancy day was do into an answer to a puzzle in Wheel of fortune show, with this Vanna let the entire human being know that she to be pregnant.) She miscarried shortly after however. She later on bore a son, Nicholas, born in 1994 and also a daughter Giovanna (Gigi), born in 1997 native her marital relationship to Santo Pietro. The couple filed because that divorce in may 2002 and finalized in November <2>


Image: Vanna White & George Santo Pietro

Her child Nik is interested in farming, Vanna calls the "a country boy", when daughter Gigi is interested in arts & fashion

Vanna White & Michael Kaye

From 2004 come 2006, she was involved to business man Michael Kaye however the two never ever married.

Vanna White &John Donaldson

Vanna & john Donaldson have actually beem together because 2012, that is the president of JDC building and construction & breakthrough ,they are not married, as soon as asked if castle are ever going to try marriage, she said- "We’ve been with each other for eight years and it appears to be working so we’re both happy, therefore in mine eyes i feel - in both of our eyes - us feel married" <4>


Image: Vanna White Family: Boyfriend john Donaldson; children- Giovanna & Nicholas

In the pop culture

Comic musician "Weird Al" Yankovic penned an initial song, "Stuck in a Closet through Vanna White" featured ~ above his struggle album Even Worse.In 1987, key jockeyDavid Kolin, credited as Dr. Dave, released a12-inch singleof a parody referred to as "Vanna, choose Me a Letter" to the song "The Letter" byThe crate Tops.Paper Mario: Nintendo 64 video clip game has actually a little character called Vanna T, which is most likely named after ~ herGolden Girls: A character parody that Vanna"s episode v Playboy republishing her lingerie pics to be made in the illustration "Grab the Dough" of the TV series.

Wheel of Fortune

Susan Stafford, the hostess that Wheel the Fortune present left the show in October 1982. She to be picked as one of the short-lived substitutes in addition to Summer Bartholomew & Vicki McCarty. She was one of the 200 other contestants. Two months later on she ended up being a continuous host.

She was 25 when she started shooting for Wheel that Fortune.A distinct record: She’s worn over seven thousand gowns because that the show over the last 40 years. She has actually never worn the exact same one double on the show(Wheel that Fortune).She doesn’t gain to save the costumes she attract on Wheel of Fortune.Craziest wheel of happiness guest: White states that in one present a girl won and also she literally picked Pat up and also carried him about jumping up and down.Funniest moment: It to be a Christmas show and a package of Christmas gift got captured on she dress and she was moving it earlier and forth and she didn"t even know she was delivering it enclosed to her dress.She completed 7000 episodes on the display in may 2019World record: She has actually the civilization record for most claps, on mean she is approximated to clap around 606 times per episode, by currently she has appeared in around 7000 episodes of the show. The is more than 4 Million claps in her whole career. A unique human being record she still holds.A go record: She is estimated to have walked 2000 mile on the present while wade to disclose the letters.

Wheel of fortune is at the center of she career, also in most of the TV series/ movies she has actually appeared, she shows up as the hostess the Wheel of Fortune.

Facts and also Trivia

Vanna"s Choice: She has a line of yarns dubbed ‘Vanna"s Choice’ with Lion Brand Yarns.Hobbies: White is a crochet and knitting enthusiast. She had actually learned art of Crochet from she grandmother.Ancestry: She is that German, Italian, Puerto Rican ancestry.Designers sent the garments to the studio around 50 gowns and also White and also team would shot them on and pick the top 12 since they perform 6 mirrors a day two days in a row and that’s 12 shows in two days because that Wheel that Fortune.She was at a taping of a Merv Griffin Show and also Janet Gretzky presented her to Merv"s.She attend the audition to Merv Griffin Show among 200 various other girls and also she was the critical one. She acquired the part.Lingerie Model: as soon as she had actually moved come Hollywood she was too embarrassed to ask her dad for money for rent therefore she did part lingerie shots for money.Miss Georgia pageant: before she struggle the tiny screen Vanna White to be a beauty, beauty pageant contestant who contended in the 1978 miss out on Georgia pageant although her original career path was in modeling and professional acting. She was additionally no stranger to game shows having appeared on an episode of The Price is appropriate in 1980.Craziest pan experience: who came up to her to ask she to sign a yardstick.Hollywood to walk of Fame: Getting a star top top the Hollywood to walk of call was one of her proudest movement. She received it in April 2006 (7018, Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, California)Lunch with one person from history: Benjamin Franklin or EinsteinSeveral skin treatment product service providers falsely do public the she endorsed their brand.Vanna Speaks!: In 1987 Vanna composed an autobiography of she life (co-written through Patricia Romanowski). The book covered story from she life and her advice to human being on exactly how to it is in beautiful in mind-body-spirit, the was published by Warner Books.Playboy pictorial: She featured in a Playboy photographic in 1987, those photos of her in lingerie to be taken before she became a popular face on TV through "Wheel the Fortune". She begged Hugh Hefner to not publish those photos fearing the would damage her photo as a family display host. It didn"t damages her career, however she never ever talked to Hugh Hefner again.First Car: Her first car was a "BUG".Learjets: She when owned 2 learjetsShe has showed up in commercials / advocated brands:Choice HotelsCybersonic2 power flosserKrispy KremeSpringAir mattresses (as spokesperson)Stove peak StuffingMagazine covers: She has showed up in the consists ofCelebrity Sleuth (1998)TV Guide(1991)Playboy (1987)High Society(1986)Charity:St. Jude"s Children"s research Hospital: she has actually donated about $2 Million to the research study hospital with the revenue she made v her yarn line "Vanna"s Choice"Beverly Hills home: She provided her Mansion in the Beverly hills for $47.5 Million. She is recognized to invest in real estate, she often changes her places for profit. <1>Real Estate: If she had not become a TV host she would certainly have become a actual estate broker, choose her mother and also stepfather <2>She takes her computer system wherever she go <2>Letter Turner: She offered to call herself "Letter Turner" previously, currently she identifies as "TV Performer" <2>Blood group: she blood group is AB+, about 3% of Americans have that blood group, coincidentally her co-host beat Sajak additionally has the same blood group.Merv Griffin: She considers talk show host Merv Griffin to be her mentor and duty model. She to be 25 once they met, he tutored her in the skills of the sector over the years, their friendship lasted for 25 year (until his death)Pets: She has a pet cat named Stella <6>

Law suits

In 1993, White sue theSamsung Electronicscorporation ~ above account the its humorous ad featuring a robot transforming letters on a game present where she alleged a violation of herpersonality rights.

Initially the lower court ruled in Samsung’s favor. United states Court the Appeals because that the nine Circuit reversed the hearing. The nine Circuit refuse a rehearing; JudgeKozinskiissued a disagreement andTheU.S. Supreme Courtdeniedcertiorari.White was compensated with $403,000 in damages.



The Price is Right: Vanna made her appearance on TV because that the an initial time in June 1980 in an episode of "The Price is Right", she was one of the an initial four contestants, but she didn"t do it on stage. Yet her presence at the event was featured in respectable 1996, during the 25th anniversary the the show.

She played a small part in the 1981 movie Looker, starring Albert Finney, James Coburn, Susan Dey, Leigh Taylor-Young.

Vanna had a decent function in "Graduation Day", a slasher thriller command by Herb Freed, certification Christopher George, spot Mackenzie, E. Danny Murphy and also others.

She play Devona in the 1981 TV Movie "Midnight Offerings". She had actually a small role in the "Star that the Family" episode "The Boy following Door". Showed up as it s her in the comedy collection "Gimme a Break!" in the illustration "The huge Apple: component 1"

She showed up in the crime action series "The A-Team" as herself (hostess of the show) in the illustration "Wheel the Fortune". Appeared in the comedy collection "227" as herself in the illustration "The Wheel of Misfortune". Appeared as it s her in the secret drama "Simon & Simon" in the episode "Walking Point".

Goddess of Love- She appears as Venus(Goddess of Love) in this 1988 TV fantasy film. It to be a remake of the 1957 film of same name, the movie starred David Naughton, David Leisure, Amanda Bearse and also others

Appeared in couple of illustration of the comedy drama "Santa Barbara". She play Roxanne in the "The super Mario Bros. At sight Show!" illustration "Raiders of the lost Mushroom"


Gypsy Angels- one incompletely shot move which to be shelfed after the an initial shooting in 1980 to be released in 1990 after ~ Vanna White climbed in fame, she had played Mickey- a stripper who drops in love with a stunt pilot. She to be paid $12,000 for her role in the movie. Gene Bicknell, Tige Andrews, Richard Roundtree were amongst other actors in the movie.

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She voiced the personality "Laurie Saunders" in "The Guinea Pigs" episode of "Captain Planet and also the Planeteers". Showed up in "Married... V Children" in the episode "The Proposition" as "Helen Granowinner", it to be a parody of the famous movie "Indecent Proposal", Vanna played Robert Redford"s duty (gender fluid role). Has appeared in the action comedy movies- dual Dragon, Naked gun 33 1/3: The last Insult

Santa"s critical Ride- She was the singer and narrator in the Audio CD "Santa"s critical Ride" the 1996, it was written by the brothers composer Leslie Bricusse.


Appeared in the comedy series "Just shoot Me!" in the episode "A&E Biography: Nina van Horn" together herself.Plays a duty as it s her in the comedy series "The King that Queens" in the episode "Inner Tube"


Played herself in the series- "Fresh off the Boat" in the illustration "B as in finest Friends"


Movies List

2006Two ticket to ParadiseHerself
1994Double DragonHerself
1994Naked gun 33 1/3: The last InsultHerself
1990Gypsy AngelsMickey
1988Goddess of LoveVenusTV Movie
1988Totally MinnieHerselfTV Movie
1985Playboy Mid Summer Night"s Dream PartyHerselfTV Movie