Robin Roberts is an American TV broadcaster who right now works together an anchor ~ above ABC’s an excellent Morning. Previously, she had the duty as a sporting activities anchor ~ above ESPN for 15 year from 1990 to 2005. Roberts was a sportscaster top top ESPN. In 2005, Roberts came to be a co-anchor on an excellent Morning America. She was treated for a myelodysplastic syndrome which was chronicled on the program and earned she a 2012 Peabody Award for the coverage. Robert started her transfer journey together a sporting activities anchor for local TV and radio stations.

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Robin Roberts Age: how old is Robin Roberts?

Roberts is 60 year old together of 2020. She was born ~ above November 23, 1960, in Tuskegee, Alabama, unified States. She celebrates her date of birth on November 23th every year. Her zodiac authorize is Sagittarius.

Robin Roberts Height and also Weight

The alphabet anchor Roberts stands in ~ a height of 5 feet 9 customs (175.3 cm) and weighs about 145.5 lbs or 66 kgs. Likewise, the prolific anchor has vibrant dark brown eyes and also short light brown hair. No to mention the irradiate brown the shade of she eyes matches her cool and also confident character.

ABC’s great Morning anchor Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts body Measurements

Robin Roberts Education

Regarding her educational background, Robin attended pass Christian High School and graduated as the class of 1979 salutatorian. She additionally attended Southeastern Louisiana University.

Robin Roberts Basketball

Robin to be lucky sufficient to get a scholarship come play basketball in ~ Louisiana State University but she believed the school was too huge and impersonal after ~ visiting the campus. As soon as she to be returning from that visit she experienced a road sign for Southeastern Louisiana University, she stopped to visit and decided to enroll.

Roberts Lady Lions

In The college the only scholarship left to be a tennis scholarship and she to be promised the there would certainly be a journalism scholarship by the time she would graduate. Robert became a standout performer ~ above the women’s basketball team finishing her career together the school’s 3rd all-time top scorer (1,446 points) and also rebounder (1,034).

She is one of only 3 Lady Lions come score 1,000 job points and also grab 1,000 career rebounds. In her an elderly season, Robert average a career-high 27.6 points every game. ~ above February 5, 2011, Southeastern arranged a ceremony come retire Roberts’ number 21 jersey.

Robin Roberts Family, Parents and Siblings

Roberts grew up in pass Christian, Mississippi is caring parents Lucimarian Tolliver (mother) and also Colonel Lawrence Edward Roberts, Sr (father). She thrived up alongside her four, she being the youngest. She siblings encompass Sally-Ann Roberts, Lawrence E. Roberts, Jr. (nicknamed Butch), and also Dorothy Roberts McEwen. Robin’s dad is a former Tuskegee Airmen pilot.

Robin Roberts Husband, Partner, and also Married

Robin and also her lovely partner/husband Amber Laign met in 2005 and from there the pair began their romantic relationship. Amber is a massage therapist. Even though Robert’s friends and also co-workers had known around her same-sex relationships, this to be the very first time she publicly identified her sexual orientation.

And later in 2015, she was called by Equality Forum as one of their 31 symbols of the 2015 LGBT background Month. She is a therapist specializing in treating human being recovering indigenous injuries. Amber studied at the swedish Institute from 2008 to 2009. She is additionally trained in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial Release, and also Trigger suggest massage. Apart from gift a massage therapist, Amber has likewise worked together sales representatives because that Berger and also Stevens.

Other News individualities include;

Robin Roberts and Amber Laign Wedding

Roberts and Amber were introduced in July the 2005, and Robin comprehensive it every in her memoir, Everybody’s obtained Something. In July 2020, Robin and also Amber celebrated their 15th anniversary. Return the couple appears come be an extremely happy together they have actually not exchanged their vows yet.

This section will be updated as shortly as Amber and Robin decide to tie the knot. In December 2012, Roberts attended she co-host Sam Champion’s wedding. The consciousness was organized at Champion’s brand-new York City apartment.

Robin Roberts Daughter

Roberts has no children of her own as the now. The information about her youngsters will it is in updated as soon as the is available. Although she has actually an lover niece’s daughter Salleigh. She is called after she grandmother, she sis Sally-Ann Roberts.

Robin Roberts ABC

She is an created anchor who began working for abc News, specifically as a featured reporter for good Morning America in June 1995. She received the Mel Greenberg Media compensation in 2001, presented by the WBCA. Roberts operated at both ESPN and great Morning America, contributing come both programs for many years. At that time, she served generally as the news anchor at GMA.

She was advocated to co-anchor of great Morning America in 2005. George Stephanopoulos join Roberts together co-anchor the GMA in December 2009. George joined Roberts after ~ Diane Sawyer left to anchor ABC world News. The team led through the Roberts-Stephanopoulos great Morning America back to the optimal of the ratings; the program came to be the number-one morning display again in April 2012, beating NBC’s Today, which had held the peak spot because that the previous 16 years.

Robin Roberts on an excellent Morning America

In November 2018 Former first lady Michelle Obama and also Robin’s “Good Morning America” co-anchor saw Obama’s childhood home on the southern Side and her near West side high school for an abc network distinct tied to Obama’s forthcoming memoir.

“Becoming Michelle: A first Lady’s Journey v Roberts – A special Edition the 20/20” was booked to air at 8 p.m. Sunday in November 2018. Obama likewise spoke to Robin live native Chicago ~ above “GMA” ~ above Nov. 13, 2018, the work “Becoming” was later on released.

The publication covers Obama’s trip from growing up in the southern Shore neighborhood to coming to be the very first African-American an initial lady. Obama’s book tour was booked to kick off November 13, 2018, in ~ the United center with a conversation moderated through Oprah Winfrey.

Representatives for ABC stated Obama surprised some students at she alma mater, Whitney Young Magnet High School, with free tickets come her book tour. Live nation said 10 percent of the tickets because that each that Obama’s shows would be donated come charities, schools, and community groups in every city. Tickets for the United facility stop-start at $575 each, this to be according to Monday’s inspect of the Ticketmaster website.

Robin Roberts Salary

The ABC’s an excellent Morning anchor Robin earns an yearly salary the $18 million according to our reliable source as the 2021. Prior to working as an alphabet co-anchor, Gray operated for ESPN because that 15 year from 1990 come 2005. So, she salary throughout time has changed and also increased.

Robin Roberts net Worth

The ABC’s an excellent Morning anchor, Roberts has actually an estimated net precious of $25 million as of 2021. Her mean is not disclosed through her. Her significant source of income is she profession together a journalist. She has actually amassed this huge sum after working in the journalism industry because early 1980. She is besides, an writer of books such as From the Heart: 7 Rules to Live By, and Everybody’s got Something.

Robin Roberts House

Roberts has actually been presenting the daytime news display from she home during the coronavirus pandemic. She recently common a glimpse within her lavish garden ~ above Instagram. Roberts posted a photograph of a edge of the backyard, which attributes a white picket fence and a hammock that looks like an ideal spot come relax in. The area also has a flower bed the is surrounded by greenery. There space a large manicured lawn and a different seating area, which featured in footage post on the star’s account earlier in might 2020.

The spacious property features an open-plan living room the leads top top a wood-paneled kitchen. Over there are many homely functions in the house such as personalized cushions through Robin and also Amber’s encounters printed ~ above them. Roberts additionally has a holiday residence in key West, situated in the old town. The home functions two bedrooms and also a swim pool.

Robin Roberts Cancer

Roberts was an initial diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer in 2007. On respectable 3, 2007, she underwent surgery and also by January 2008 she had completed eight chemotherapy treatments, complied with by 6½ weeks of radiation treatment.

Robin Roberts Disease, MDS and Treatment

After she was v with cancer treatment Roberts was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) in 2012. Myelodysplastic is a disease of the bone marrow. As soon as Roberts walk public through her illness, ‘Be the complement Registry’, a non-profit company run through the nationwide Marrow Donor regimen experienced a 1,800% spike in donors.

Roberts take it a leaving from GMA and went for a bone marrow transplant in October 2012 and also by February 20, 2013, she went back to GMA. She got a 2012 Peabody Award because that the program.

Robbin was likewise credited by The Peabody citation for “allowing she network to paper and construct a public organization campaign roughly her battle with the rare disease and inspiring hundreds of potential bone marrow donors to register and also heighten awareness that the require for even much more donors. Later on the ESPN awarded its Arthur Ashe Courage compensation to Roberts at the 2013 ESPYs.

Robin Roberts Books

From the Heart: seven Rules come Live through (1st ed.). Brand-new York: Hyperion Books. ISBN 978-1401303334. (2007)From the Heart: Eight rule to Live By. Brand-new York: Hyperion Books. ISBN 978-1401309589. (2008)Everybody’s acquired Something. Grand main Publishing. ISBN 978-1455578450. (2014)Robin Roberts Everybody’s got Something

This book is a comment on Robin Robert’s life. Roberts together the author has watched so much throughout the decades that she has actually been alive and she attempts to use this book to call readers around the journey she has walked and how she to walk in, no to point out everything she learned together a result.

The many determining element of the publication is its expedition of Roberts’s battle with breast cancer. She has written about her victory over that specific hurdle and the emotion of disappointment she felt as soon as she was struck by one more rare illness just 5 years later, disease that forced her to acquire a bone marrow transplant.

Here are some of the newly asked questions around Roberts;

Who is Robin Roberts?

Robin Roberts is one American TV broadcaster who currently works together an anchor top top ABC’s good Morning. Previously, she had actually the duty as a sports anchor on ESPN for 15 years from 1990 to 2005. Roberts to be a sportscaster top top ESPN.

who is Robin Roberts’s daughter?

Roberts has no kids of her own as the now. The information regarding her youngsters will it is in updated as soon as it is available. Although she has an lover niece’s daughter Salleigh. She is called after her grandmother, Robin’s sis Sally-Ann Roberts.

How much is Robin Roberts worth?

The ABC’s great Morning anchor, Roberts has an approximated net worth of $25 million as of 2021. Her median is no disclosed by her. Her major source of earnings is she profession as a journalist. She has amassed this large sum after working in the journalism industry because early 1980. She is besides, an author of publications such together From the Heart: seven Rules come Live By, and also Everybody’s obtained Something.

How lot does Robin Roberts make?

The ABC’s an excellent Morning anchor Robin earns an yearly salary of $18 million follow to ours reliable source as of 2021. Before working as an abc co-anchor, Gray functioned for ESPN because that 15 years from 1990 to 2005. So, she salary transparent time has changed and additionally increased.

What taken place to Robin Roberts?

Roberts was first diagnosed v an early kind of chest cancer in 2007. On august 3, she underwent surgery and also by January 2008 she had completed eight chemotherapy treatments, complied with by 6½ weeks of radiation treatment.

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Is Robin Roberts quiet on GMA?

She took a leave from GMA to obtain a bone marrow transplant and also went residence in October 2012. She reverted to GMA on February 20, 2013. Early in 2019, pan feared the Robin had actually left GMA for an excellent after she went absent from the present for quite a while. She was actually in Abu Dhabi spanning the one-of-a-kind Olympic civilization Games. Rest assured, the former sportscaster doesn’t show any kind of signs of leaving the lover morning display anytime soon.