As an employer or security manager, compliance is in ~ the peak of her list. Some of OSHA’s standards are clear and also straightforward. Unfortunately, others space not. Often, there is some confusion around OSHA MSDS requirements. How often do MSDS sheets need to be updated?

Today, we’ll look at ideal MSDS record keeping and some the the misconceptions the end there. Keep analysis for more information about OSHA MSDS binder requirements and more!


MSDS stands for product Safety Data Sheets. You’ll view this shortened come SDS per current Hazard interaction Standard (HCS) updates. These data sheets are offered by importers, distributors, and also chemical manufacturers to communicate health effects, risk evaluation, ideal use, storage, risks, and emergency procedures for chemistry products.

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Sometimes one SDS is a created document; that may additionally be published or otherwise digitally expressed. Lock usually gathered and stored in a binder.


As one employer, it’s your project to make certain the contents of the binder are up come date. Use safety and security by Design’s safety monitoring services for assistance in this area. It’s a tedious project, yet it’s absolutely necessary because that compliance.

Do security Data Sheets Expire?

OSHA calls for manufacturers/importers to achieve or construct safety data sheets (SDS). This goes because that every hazardous chemical they develop or import. They need to also provide the SDS because that distributors and also employers. The SDS have to accompany the first shipment of chemicals. Any updated SDS must be sent out within 3 months the any new and far-ranging information concerning the given hazardous chemical.

So, yes, safety data sheets execute expire. The expiration relies on the exploration of brand-new and far-reaching information. OSHA doesn’t plainly define what they median by “new and significant.” it’s assumed that it includes any changes in classification, brand-new hazards, brand-new risk management, and/or brand-new exposure limits.

SDS update Requirements

Here’s the timeline because that OSHA SDS requirements and also further labeling. When it pertains to updating labels, store the new and far-reaching information in mind. OSHA requires chemical manufacturers, distributors, importers, and also employers to document this new information and communicate it.

When you end up being newly aware of this information, you need to revise the labels. Brand must happen within 6 months of getting the brand-new information. Any kind of chemical transport after the 6-month timeframe should contain the brand-new information. SDS must be modification in 3 months.


Sometimes, the chemistry isn’t right now being imported or also produced. In this case, the manufacturer or importer must include this brand-new information to the SDS and also labels. This have to occur before the chemistry is presented to the workplace again.

If you an end-user, how often do SDS sheets have to be updated? You’ll must update together you receive brand-new information.

How often Do SDS have to Be Updated/Replaced?

How regularly should safety data sheets it is in updated? and how frequently do MSDS need to be replaced? It depends on if she a manufacturer/supplier or an end-user.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

If you’re a manufacturer or supplier, OSHA has certain SDS requirements. Once preparing the sheets, you need to ensure the details accurately reflects the scientific proof behind the peril classification. If you come to be newly aware of new and far-ranging information, girlfriend should add it. This may encompass hazards of a chemical or means to protect versus such hazards. All of this should be included within 3 month of awareness.


If she an end-user, you’re responsible for the latest version. And you must ensure that this details is easily available for her employees. Ask your supplier or the manufacturer to it is provided you v the latest version.

Important keep in mind Re: security Sheets because that Chemicals

Chemical carriers are expected to review, revise, and also update your SDS periodically. They should do this for all the assets they sell. As brand-new hazard info is discovered, alters should be made. The same goes for protective measures and also when product formulations have been altered.

Remember that as soon as suppliers have updated their SDS, castle aren’t compelled to send the to update to client immediately.

How lengthy Do You save SDS Sheets?

So, how long carry out you keep MSDS sheets exactly? SDS records are thought about employee exposure records. Also when a chemical is no longer in use, the SDS have to be archived/maintained because that 30 years.

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