In the series, that is proclaimed that Kakashi was 26 once he came to be the leader the Naruto"s squad. So following that, he to be 14 as soon as the Kyuubi assaulted the village. Seeing the Obito was the same period as Kakashi, he should be 14 however he didn"t look prefer it. Just how old was Obito at that time? It mirrors him as an get an impressive up, adult man. Is this since of Zetsu spanning him or is he just older than Kakashi?

This is no a question directly about the age of Obito but additionally why he looked older. In my understanding Kakashi and also Obito are about the same age. Ns don"t treatment when Kakashi ended up being a Jounin since that is not appropriate to this question.

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The difference in age in between Obito and also Kakashi has actually been described in this answer.

From this object on narutoforums (emphasis mine):

It is difficult for both Kakashi and also Obito to have actually been 13 during the Kakashi Gaiden, since there is at least a evidenced 4 year period difference between Kakashi and also Obito once they were evidenced to both be Genin teammates throughout the Chuunin Exams. They entered the academy the very same time, and they all graduated the academy together as teammates. Kakashi to be at the very least 4 years younger 보다 both the his teammates at all times. There is no possible method that Kakashi to be a 13 year old Jonin during the Kakashi Gaiden.

Since Kakashi is younger 보다 Obito, clearly Obito will look older.



That isn"t completely right. Us have plainly seen Kakashi"s backstory in the There we watch that Obito and Kakashi countless times together, especially at Kannabi bridge. Lock both show up to it is in of the exact same height. Kakashi was around 12-13 at the time. If Obito was in reality 4 year older than him, climate he should have been taller 보다 him. I myself don"t recognize the answer, yet I understand that the hypothesis offered by Ero Sennin isn"t fully right.


It is just a guess but the looks might have to be different because of the zetsu thingy attached come obitos body. Possibly he made the zetsu component appear much more adult choose to misguide any possible connection any type of of his previous friends may find in his behavior if that ran into them. Evaluate by just how long he it was observed kushinas pregnancy and waited because that the possibility , the is possible that the considered more than number of scenarios of the attack. But again that is simply a guess.

Although it seems choose that can be true and also considering he came to be chuunin and also jounin at together a young might mean that. However from my knowledge Kakashi need to of simply been a really strong and smart ninja. However considering the Rin, Obito and Kakashi to be in the academy in ~ the very same time and how Kakashi easily knew the rule from the peak of his head might just method he is the exact same age however just smarter.

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Its the same with Sasuke. Anyone can say his age is 4 years younger 보다 Naruto however it would not add up. I simply think that Kakashi is the very same age, short, and may just talk smack around Obito.

He could an extremely well be 4 years younger however there"s just not sufficient evidence to assistance that. Although its an extremely smart come assume that he is younger due to the fact that just due to the fact that they room in the very same cell walk not mean they room the very same age.